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Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Liner Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz - Caramel Anastasia Beverly Hills Classic Eyebrow Stencils Bobbi Brown Lip Color Sandwash Pink Bobbi Brown Blush Pretty Pink Laura Mercier Matte Radiance Bronze 02 Laura Mercier Mineral Powder SPF 15 Real Sand Clinique Lash Power Mascara Black Onyx Boscia Restorative Night Moisture Cream Laura Mercier Almond Coconut Souffle Body Creme Murad Essential-C Day Moisture Broad Spectrum SPF 30 PA+ Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation 5 Giorgio Armani 'Maestro Eraser' Dark Circle Concealer Bobbi Brown 'Old Hollywood Beauty' Travel Case MAC Eyeshadow Quad MAC 7 Lash Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Lightscapade Mac Fix+ Fleur de The Rose Bulgare by Creed

I had to re-post this list, now that stocking stuffers and holiday party looks are top of mind. In updating my site recently, I found so many treasures about which I’d forgotten! Personalized bookcase for kids? How did I forget that? Even on our recent trip to Florida, I packed up this same bag with all the same stuff… plus a few more *new* additions… to come.

Life is delicious. But wouldn’t it be even more so if it was outfitted with a makeup bag, fully-loaded with your favorite makeup? Excessive? Okay, yeah. But, oh how extraordinary. If I could afford it, I’d supply this luxury to each of my closest friends, an “always ready” dream bag. Though, it may just be imprudent doubling up on all your “worth it” beauty buys, for them to mostly sit there, untouched, like museum artifacts. Still, isn’t that what gifts are for? To purchase the recipient something she’d never buy for herself because it’s too impractical?

On a recent trip to Florida, these are the very items that filled my gorgeous makeup travel bag (yes, I get giddy over the whole thing)

Murad Essential-C Day Moisture Broad Spectrum SPF 30 PA+ This smells of Seville Oranges, not tacky or overly orange, just grown up, European.

Fleur de The Rose Bulgare, $445.00 by Creed (*Sister Creed scent that I also wear is on sale, $111.01! Fleurs De Bulgarie) My two favorite rose scents. I’ve poured mine into a travel perfume bottle.

Laura Mercier ‘Almond Coconut Milk’ Souffle Body Creme because I get terribly dry and because this smells heavenly without the headache (my mother is prone to perfume headaches, but this she swears never gives her one), yet it has enough scent for you to receive compliments.

Mac Mineralize Skinfinish – Lightscapade (Gives a young glow to skin without ever looking like shimmer or glitter or anything appalling. You just look awake, touched by light in a glowing from within way.)

Boscia Restorative Night Moisture Cream (Pretty pricy at $50, but it has lasted me forever, and it’s thick and lux and does its job)

Mac Cosmetics Eyeshadow Quad

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner I have both the black and espresso, and packed them both.

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation – 5 (no SPF in this, so it’s good for photos and night makeup)

Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation – Rose Ivory (Such amazing coverage, gives my skin that peaches and cream look, really throwing all redness and freckle action into the way background, bringing the flawless skin that’s behind all the freckles a chance to come up and say HI, this is my real skin color, you know, like, when I was a kid).

Laura Mercier Mineral Powder SPF 15 – Real Sand – I usually despise powders and thought they made dry skin, like mine, look old and, well, dry. Miraculously, however, this does neither. If I want the most polished, glowing look, this is the foundation I go for most often, used over the mineral powder primer.

Laura Mercier Matte Radiance Baked Powder Compact – Bronze 02 (BEST bronzer I’ve ever used. If you’re light, go Bronze 02, especially in fall and winter. Bronze 03 is only a touch lighter. Bronze 04 is the darkest. These are wonderful because they make your skin really look alive, not deadening or drab!)

Giorgio Armani ‘Maestro Eraser’ Dark Circle Concealer – 2 LOVE. It’s THIN so it doesn’t sit in any fine lines! This is my favorite concealer.

Bobbi Brown Blush – Pretty Pink – Absolutely the prettiest blush to wake up a blah face. I always feel prettiest with this color on.

Bobbi Brown Lip Color – Sandwash Pink – my all time favorite lip color, yours but better, but groomed, but polished, still natural, just beautifying. YOU WILL LOVE THIS COLOR. Yes, Kate Middleton wore it on her wedding day.

Mac 7 Lash – Fav lashes, hands down. There are dupes in drugstores, but they aren’t as flexible. I wear mine at least 10 times before tossing. The key is once you remove them, to pull any glue off the base of the lashes, so you have a clean start each time. Also, I use mascara on my own lashes first, then apply lashes, then, just at the root of the lashes and a bit up, I add mascara to both. You want to keep the tips of the lashes looking light and wispy.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Classic Eyebrow Stencils – I rely on these as I try to go for a fuller brow. You will not be sorry. I’ve been using these for years.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz – Caramel – nothing else is as good. Not MAC Fling. Not Maybelline (I own like 5 of the Maybelline dupes, and they just aren’t as sharp. Too soft and waxy comparatively.)

Mac Fix+ – a must over powders because it brings the look of SKIN back to your face after you’ve added blush and bronzer

Clinique Lash Power Mascara – Black Onyx – what I like about this mascara is that if you have creamy gels or concealers beneath your eyes, this mascara won’t run, as oils don’t remove it. It’s removed only with warm water, not tears. Plus, I like how narrow the brush is, so you can really get in there and dig (close to the roots of the lashes for great volume).

The one item not shown above is my newest luxury Red by YSL. I’m downright infatuated with the texture and smell of these lipsticks. They are definitely pricey, but if you want to splurge, these are the babies to go for.
YSL Rouge Volupte Shine, Rouge in Danger
YSL Rouge Volupte Shine, Rouge in Danger

Laura Mercier Matte Radiance Bronze 02
Gloss I’m wearing in the photos is by Buxom in Celeste! And you can bet your grab bags that this Shimmer & Shake sucker is making its way onto my list for Santa.

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Lovely Brows and Lashes


  1. WOWZA!!! You look GORGEOUS in these pictures!!!!!

    I’m going to try to get ahold of that Bobbi Brown lip color this weekend and try it out! I am one of those “No lipstick looks good on me” women. Years ago, when I was a teenager, I found the perfect lip gloss (it came in a small pot and I used a lip brush to apply) at VS of all places! It was called Once Bitten – Twice Shy. It wasn’t the usual place I looked for lip gloss, but it looked fantastic on me! They discontinued it and the line of makeup.. and I haven’t been able to find a suitable color since.

    1. Author

      If you’re a gloss girl, you have to get your hands on Buxom Lip Creams… they fill in any wrinkling and imperfections, thickening them without looking goopy or too sheer. They’re my fav. Plus I like the subtle tingle and the smell. I have Candi, Dolly, White Russian and Celeste. In the photo, actually, I’m wearing this gloss in Celeste (it’s very sparkly and light, though. The others aren’t).

  2. You look beautiful! I like your product recommendations. I’m transitioning back to curly hair after years of straightening it. I’d love to hear about your current styling routine. Your hair looks so healthy and the curls look perfect.

    1. Author

      Thank you Stephanie! I have been trying and testing hair products for curly hair since I was 14. It’s absurd. But I’ve really narrowed it down to some favorites, and I’m working on editing the video today!

  3. Just ordered the Mac Skinfinish yesterday after reading another review. Good to know I will look like I am glowing from within.
    And everything Laura Mercier does is on point.

  4. Love makeup posts! Have you tried Pale Pink Blush by Bobbi Brown? It is anything but pale but doesn’t come off too bright or dark either, may current favorite! Thank you for the great post.

  5. You’re killing the make up game Stephanie! Thanks for sharing. I’m going to start a fund so we can go splurge next time I see you;)

  6. Do you recommend the Mac adhesive glue for the lashes or is there one you like better?

      1. Cool. Thanks. I’ve never tried false lashes but yours look beautiful and very natural! I’m going to give them a try (though I’ll probably end up blind. LOL)

        1. Author

          Just remember to trim them first, so they fit your eye and aren’t too long. After you add the glue, let them sit for 1 minute (seriously, time it for 60 seconds, so the glue has a chance to get tacky), then position the mirror DOWN, so you are looking down into the mirror (not straight ahead). Then you’ll say, why has it taken me so long? This is easy!

          1. Awesome! Thanks for the instructions. I just copied and pasted them into the drafts folder of my email so I don’t lose them. Can’t wait to give the lashs a try! Signed, huge dork in New York :-)

  7. Steph; you look sensational;love all the makeup;looks very natural.
    except the brows don’t do it for me; look fake.

  8. I actually do have a makeup go-bag packed all the time. I’m a road warrior for work so I have all my essentials packed and ready to go – exact duplicates of all my favorite products at home, 3 oz or smaller sizes because there is no way someone who flies every other week is checking luggage! Fortunately my main makeup is Trish McEvoy and her system is made for travel. Permanently resident in my roller bag are a mini (not petite) planner and a clear plastic bag (appx quart sized) filled with my liquids and i’m ready to go.

    This means when I buy a product, I buy two, but it’s not a problem so far.

    Your makeup looks gorgeous!

    1. Author

      My issue with the Trish system is that if you have a dark shadow in the same palette as say, a blush, there’s fallout from the shadow. I own the large and am thinking of getting a mini for my car (because I am always late, and always rushing somewhere with no makeup on, despite how much I own!). How do you deal with the dark shadow situation?

  9. Must try – Tom Ford Eyebrow Sculptor pencil. I used to use Brow Wiz, before this changed my life. One swipe, perfect shape, you won’t need a stencil.

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