Coo Coo for Christmas

You say Halloween, I say Christmas


It was mid-October, and the mall had its tree up. November 1, and escalators are lined with artificial pine and twinkle lights. October ’twas the season. Soon the Halloween pumpkins will be spray painted gold, stuffed with bouquets of wheat, turkey techniques will be researched, doors wreathed with sunflowers and maple leaves. The word “grateful” inked on cocktail napkins. But, I’m not there.

Oh, I’m grateful, sure. Today, I am grateful for my friends, for their positivity, for the energy given, never exhausted. I’m grateful for Betsy, my always friend. Her just being near me makes me happy and at complete ease. I’m so deeply grateful for my closest livelong friends Hanser and Smelly and Amy, even though I don’t see them as often as I’d like. I’m grateful for Lisa, for holding my hand during story time. For Jenn for being real without apology, saying it, as is. For Kathy for the same reason, and for her easy laugh, lighting up a room. For Lauren’s easy smile and brightness. I’m grateful to Julie for inviting our family into her Halloween celebration home, for Julie’s mother for crafting a magical hands-on story time memory for my children. That was my Halloween.

Chronologically, I should shift into pumpkin butter squares and gravy bases. But I keep hopscotching over it, landing on Christmas tree decor and faux deer antler wreaths. Last night I couldn’t sleep, so, well, Adeste Fideles playlist it was.

The ghosts of Christmas Trees Past:

Plaid Tartan Christmas Tree Theme with coordinating gift wrap

Red and White Plaid Tartan Christmas

2012, Merry Excess!

2011 Christmas, Boca Raton

2011, Boca Raton, Christmas in Florida.

Tiffany Blue Christmas Tree

2009, Tiffany Blue Christmas Tree

Foodie Christmas Theme Tree

Foodie Christmas Tree

Flocked white Christmas Tree with red tartan and plaids, Cardinal Love

2012, My favorite I think. Flocked white with red tartan and plaids, Cardinal Love.

Looking back, I think I like the full tree that I sprayed with flocked snow best. I’m tempted to go an entirely different way this year. Antlers and pheasant feathers with dark greens and blues, all tartan and plaids with owls and birds’ nests. Rustic wood cabin hunting lodge Christmas tree.

I also really want a candy themed tree somewhere else in the house, though I can’t imagine where. Fruit loops and lifesaver garlands, ring pops, candy necklaces, oh my. I could go on for days about tree styles.

I’m also tempted to put a wreath on my door of faux oranges and persimmons with fresh greenery weaved through. Oranges and Antlers. There you have it. Coo coo for Christmas, and the season has only just begun.


  1. I love your style. I read your site through my feed and never come to the site because you arrive in my inbox, but I had to come and say that I really enjoy you. Thanks for sharing all that you do!!!

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