side notes to top, heart + base notes

Side Note: I’m always stirred by the notes in rose perfumes, but I deeply despise grandmotherly scents, which we so often associate with roses. The two Les Parfums de Rosine scents I now own remind me of dating, of feeling pretty, of skirts and Pellegrino and awnings and rapture and a barefoot walk near Lincoln Center when your feet hurt from heels. They do not conjure up images of the “Haddasah Wave,” moth balls, or lipstick kisses on the mouth.

Les Parfums de Rosine

Beautifully balanced tonic green start with floral notes. Brings an impression of fun, even a little too smart.

Olfactory family : Green and floral.
Top note : Aldehydic, green and rosy notes, Blackcurrant bud, Blue camomile, Lees of wine notes.
Heart note : Wild rose, Turkish rose, Raspberry leaves essence, Blackberry.
Base note : Sandalwood, Vetyver, Iris.

I walked out of Barney’s with a perfume made of yellow roses, named Rose D’Ete, the perfect scent for every day. I want to sleep in it, lick it, smell myself constantly. I feel the same way about it’s sister Roseberry, which I already own.

Beautiful accord of roses and lime tree flowers. Brings an impression of light, happiness and lightness.

Olfactory family : Fresh and Floral.
Top note : Galbanum, Green apple, Bergamot.
Heart note : Yellow rose, Lime tree flowers, Mimosa, Lotus.
Base note : Ambrette seeds, Musk.

What I want next (there’s always something) is their evening scent, Rose Praline (which smells nothing of praline, thank goodness. To me, Praline smells of cockroach spray, that sweet smell those Raid producers infuse into their death spray to try to mask the smell of killing agents). This scent is too much for me during the day, just too much. And oddly, I do not smell any chocolate, just floral and sweet, but not Designer Personality Popular sweet. Here are the notes:

Accord of rose and chocolate, embellished by a cloud of tea, Rose Praline is a perfume with an immediate pleasure.

Olfactory family : Gourmand floral
Top note : Cardamom, Italian bergamot, Rose oil
Heart note : Géranium, Chocolate powder, Rose absolute, Lapsang Souchong tea
Base note : Ambre, Sandal wood, Cacao, White musk

Just thought I’d share my side notes, so as a side note to this side note, I also have a crush minor on the latest Byredo scent, Inflorescence, which smells innocent, like a woman who always sends her thank you notes on time, whose linen closet is organized, with sheet sets tied in silk ribbons, a woman who delights in Spring cleaning. That’s exactly how this smells, like Spring Fever! That one warm day where you open all your windows and take a walk which springs into a random jog, too long to walk back, so you must pay for a cab home. It smells like grass and childhood mornings, where your parents let you run wild at the park, to air you out and exhaust you. It also smells of Freesia and Lily of the Valley (both scents I generally dislike, but somehow like here). I think the Lily of The Valley gives it that clean, fresh sheets, open windows scent.

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