Lucas puked. That’s where it began. In his bed, the middle of the night. Changing PJs, stripping the bed, two loads of laundry. More the next day. Then he recovered. Next night the bucket switched sides after Abigail ralphed all over her bed and carpet. Stripped the bed and the jammies. Put on the new and BAM, it happened again. Leaving us without a choice. Abigail climbed into bed with us and the bucket. Then our covers and bedding, stripping beds. Happy Birthday Phil. Me? Puking in the bucket with the ‘rhea, dying. Today is torture.



  1. Bleach everything. Spray bottle with water and and a few TB of bleach. Spray every vertical and horizontal surface in the bathroom and the buckets and anything touched by vomit or poop. Constant hand washing and clean drinking glasses. Double rinse laundry. It’s the only way, or it can spread through the family TWICE in a row – it just happened to us and our toddler just ended up in the hospital with severe dehydration and a catheter. What a fukcing nightmare. Rotavirus, Norovirus, stomach flu, whatever it is, all the same. Pedialyte for the whole family. So sorry.

  2. I am convinced that viruses and bacteria that make our kids sick mutate while inside of the little ones then proceed to invade adults and cause a much greater sickness then the sprouts had.

    Feel better soon! :)

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