me in a commercial (video)

Behind the scenes of a commercial shoot

I texted Dulce in a fit of excitement during the filming of this commercial for the new Spring Line from Carolee Jewelry. Stylists, makeup artists, jewelry on trays, a closet full of outfits being steamed, women from PowerWomanTV wearing velcro rollers for volume before the shoot. Oh, how I loved it all. I wanted to talk with the photographer, learn more about lenses, ask him what his favorite DSLR is. I wanted to discover new hair and face products, get all nosy in their kits, see their favorite brands. But I wasn’t there to work. I came to play. With jewelry!

“I have a feeling this look is going to come off very matronly,” I texted after I’d devoured two cranberry nut muffins. Dulce responded that with camera angles and a rockstar stylist, they’d work it so I somehow wouldn’t look so housewifey. I got a glimpse of my final look just before they’d begun filming. Lifting my head, I shook my curls behind me and told everyone to, “Just call me Rayna.” That’s Rayna James from ABC’s Nashville, for those not playing along. I might’ve had her hair, but I had my own words to say; there was no script.

I’ve very denim & diamonds, or off the shoulder worn-thin sweatshirt paired with chunky sparkle. “High-Lo” fashion. I like a boyfriend wide check plaid shirt paired with a flouncy silk skirt, casual meets formal. So the Carolee segment about Daytime Bling was just my thing.

As evidenced by my eyebrows, who express themselves before my mouth has a chance, this was so much fun to do. Now, if y’all will excuse me, I’m off to slip on some jewels to offset my fuzzy slippers.