not another bill (video)

Not Another Bill Crest
Let’s forget for a moment that I pronounce Penhaligon’s as if it’s a pent up hooligan, that I say “Logo” in lieu of “Crest,” and that my video export quality is craptastic and a half (I swear I will improve, even if it takes me forever to learn + upload). I’m sharing this because I love that I know how to create a proper pocket square and also because Not Another Bill introduces you to different niche brands each month. And who doesn’t love to receive a packaged surprise?! It’s like being away at camp!

P.S. This video is NOT sponsored. All opinions are my own. I am oftentimes sent products to review, but I only share things that I actually use (or want to use).

P.P.S. I totally need to start a “Cookbook of the Month” subscription service (where you’re also sent some specialty key ingredient to a specific recipe in the book). Also, I will never do this, as much as I adore the idea. If you do, consider me a subscriber.

P.P.P.S. I knew a cookbook of the month service existed! I featured it in my Gifts Worth Giving Guide, and had I taken that advice, the subscription would surely be on my What Makes Your Worth It List! Only, um, the subscription service they offered no longer exists. I think the key to this service would be offering a premium with the book, perhaps a pre-pub copy, so you get the book first (when the press gets theirs/ even if it’s a review copy), or as Omnivore Books does, offer a Signed Cookbook Club.