underdogs + cat fights

“Remember that Mel Gibson movie?”
“The one that no one should remember about the beaver?”
“No, the other one.”
“You know. Not the hair shirt brave one or the one with pantyhose, a blowdryer, and a bathtub. Or that weird one where he has an airplane and mismatched eyes and is aging wrong. I mean the one with Catcher In The Rye.”
“Catcher And The Rye. You should know that.”
“I should.  But I won’t remember. It’s the same with ‘supposed.’ I can never remember that it’s two p’s and not two s’s. Spelling has nothing to do with intelligence. It’s habit. I have worse ones.”
“Tangents on your list?”
“No, but uttering sweet nothings like ‘blow me’ are toward the bottom.”
“And Mel fits in where?”
“Oh, right. So The Catcher one, where he always needs a copy to feel safe.”
“Yeah, yeah. I don’t know the name, but yeah.”
“That’s kinda me. I get obsessive like that. Like, if there’s some new product or download or new cookbook, I have to have it, even if I have no intention of using it in the near future. That feeling of needing to know it’s there in case, that’s a bit of a sickness.”

Fear. Is fear at play? Like hoarder need, what if the world explodes fear? No. But I like to have things, in advance, I think, because it enables my future lazy. It’s like storing up acorns for winter. I like a full pantry of things I may never use because I light up when I read a recipe and I can mentally check off each ingredient, “Yup, got that. Got it. Just need the scallions. Done.” I do it with art supplies for kid crafts, makeup, cookbooks, name it. It’s sick. Point: my Catcher In The Rye (I was right, thank you) is an ipad full of downloaded cookbooks (though it’s really not the same as a hardcover cookbook to flit through).

Today’s procrastination involved organizing my ibook cookbooks into categories. “Paleo,” “Southern & Mex,” “Slow cooker & One Pot“ “Farm Stand,” “TV & Restaurant Chefs.” “Cozy Housewife,” for example consists of comfort foods, casserole books, cake doctor bake sale cookie books. Don’t ask me if I’ve ever made a casserole in my life (aside from lasagna, the answer is no). But I like the idea of being the type of mom who makes a casserole. Does anyone actually like casseroles? I am having family over soon for an “Autumn Gathering,” where I will be pulling recipes from the “Harvest, Let It Snow” category (books mostly dedicated to soups, tailgating, thanksgiving, Jewish cooking, and Christmas). Thank goodness for EatYourBooks! I swear, greatest greatest product. Love the ability to search all my cookbooks (and food blogs) without opening a single one!

Also, total side note, any time Secretariat is on TV, I must watch the entire thing, and I cry at least fifteen times. I deeply relate to films where everyone tells a character she can’t do something, that it’s impossible, that she’s making the wrong decision… but she doesn’t stop, doesn’t take shit, and shows ‘em all. I relate with this emotion more than any other. Against the odds is always in my favor. Any favorites in this film category that don’t involve sports? (Not that I’m anti sports films. In fact, I almost love them all).



    1. Yes, I know. But haven’t we all had that conversation? Where we think we’re right. Don’t think much of it. Let someone say it’s for sure something else. Shrug at them, sure. Only to go home, double check and realize we were totally right?

  1. Just this weekend I saw an awesome movie with the theme mentioned in your post: “Ghosts of Mississippi”. Alec Baldwin, Whoopi Goldberg, and James Woods. Based on the true story of the re-trial of Byron de la Beckwith for the murder of Medgar Evers. Baldwin plays an Assistant District Attorney who is like a PITBULL. Highly recommended!

  2. I said to my husband just last night that I would love to find a cookbook that wasn’t filled with casseroles. Growing up in the South, everyone eats casseroles, all the time. We have them at church lunches, funerals, wedding/baby showers, tailgates and informal neighborhood get-togethers…and I am sick of them. Mostly because they always involve a heavy white carb, which I am trying so hard to stay away from. Deliver me from casseroles!
    GP – OMG, amazing movie. Never get tired of watching it.

  3. Speaking of cookbooks, is anybody else impatiently waiting for the smitten kitchen cookbook?!

    1. Me!  October 30th can’t come fast enough.  In fact, I’m so excited about it that I’m flying to Seattle (from Phoenix) for the book signing on November 7th (the fact that I’m also attending a business meeting while I’m there is totally a luck coincidence).  The last book signing I attended was for Moose.

    1.  Yes, I believe so. The Beaver was one strange movie. I saw it at the Savannah Film Festival. That’s pretty much all I remember of it. That and Jodi Foster saying that Mel was a pleasure with whom to work.

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