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Introspection. It’s a subcategory of this Greek Tragedy blog, yes, but it’s also a bit of navel contemplation. Inward moments and thoughts that are often self-centered, proving relevant to no one but the writer.

After a long day and hellacious night’s sleep on an air-mattress as we await the arrival of our comforted lives, we spend our time on our knees. Prayers aren’t said. Knee-burn sex isn’t had. Instead, through champagne and exhaustion, I confess the internal thoughts of my day. Which were crap in quality, so I’ll repost in written form.


  1. Would love to listen, but audio clip isn’t loading in Chrome…possible fix?

  2. audio clip isn’t loading in Firefox, either… could we be the only ones???

      1. Funny, it seems that you read it all the time. You don’t have to, you know.

  3. Doesn’t load on my Safari either. You have legions of long-time followers who aren’t able to access it.

  4. This is wonderful. It sounds to me like you’ve found the subject of your next book. Maybe “You Can Go Home Again,” a memoir?

  5. it works now. but the quality is so bad it is painful to listen to. sorry. fail.

    1. Author

      I’m posting an edited version in the written form, which I’m sure translates much better anyway. I was on Ambien when I recorded that.

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