my recent sephora purchases

I’m posting these in a dash. Just have to pop over to whisk the kids to gymnastics and fly up to West Palm Beach to collect Phil, home in time for Father’s Day. I figure many mothers end up birthing sons who’ll perhaps one day become fathers, so shouldn’t we still celebrate mothers on Father’s Day? Totally.



  1. Eagerly awaiting this list…just went out to Sephora today to purchase the Laura Mercier 6 eyeshadow palette in the plum colors you used and the YSL purple mascara. Love it all on my brown eyes! Thanks for all the makeup posts…I’m a total makeup/product junkie but have been in an eyeshadow rut lately (too many browns and greys) and these new purple colors are just what I needed for a summer time pick me up!

  2. You really are good at makeup. What’s great about the videos is that we can actually see technique. Love your attitude about “aging” and sparkle–do keep making these!

  3. Stephanie – I believe your kids are doing swim team – yes? Here’s my question: makeup at the pool or not? I want to be one of those moms I see gliding around in the color block maxi dress with the perfectly made up faces. However, I just look sweaty and red. Any advice on poolside makeup for a mom? Thanks!!

  4. Hey there — I just wanted to mention that if you are serious about going gluten free, you need to check the body products, hair products and cosmetics since many of them have gluten ! (Will the fun ever end?)

    1. Author

      Oh, God. I can’t even imagine. I really doubt I have a gluten problem. But who knows, I may. It has been at least 3 weeks, going on 4 (I think) now of gluten free eating. I am guessing that if I ate a bowl of pasta, nothing would happen. What am I supposed to experience if I did have a gluten sensitivity?

  5. I also have always had an addiction to eye shadow and makeup techniques but I found myself at 54 with such bags under my eyes and wrinkly skin on eyelids that I had to give it up – throw in the towel on making up my eyes…. Great news is I recently had upper and lower eye surgery and have the eyes of a 35 year old. Yay! I’m having fun again at Sephora!

  6. So…are we actually gonna get a list of your recent Sephora purchases?

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