curl routine video

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    1. Author

      Yes, I realize it’s not the most attractive video, but it gets the job done.

      Next time I do a video where I’m thrusting myself upside-down, I’ll wear a turtleneck. And a thong, just to complete the full picture for you.

      1. Dude, what’s with the prudes? I thought your boobs looked hot. AND I’ve started using Ouidad since you reviewed your curl bible a few weeks ago, and I love it – never using Deva again. Rock it, girlfriend.

    2. Steph, Steph, Steph… R made a very valid point. We came here out of curiosity out of how you do your hair. Surely you knew your breasts were flapping in our faces. Sure, next time do it in a turtle neck and thong if it makes you happy. Pretty sure I won’t make that one past 13 seconds either!

  1. Ok, ok…I need more. First, when is the hair combed? In the shower with conditioner in? After shower? Also: did you re-wet? How? dunk in sink? Spray? Wet with hands? Must know. Will pay you in great tales of Woodfield shrews when we hang out in NYC on an upcoming visit. BTW, the random boob shots were only a plus. xoAmy

    1. Author

      Thanks Amy! Okay, I use my fingers in the shower, as I’m rinsing conditioner, making sure there are no knots. Then, I shut the water, put the Aquis towel on my head, get dressed. In the video when I wet my hair again, I just walked to the sink and wet my hands. Know what else I sometimes use in place of the water? Infusium leave-in treatment, which has the consistency of water. Hope this helps, girlie.

  2. This is great! Definitely will be passing on the video to my daughter who also has long, ginger, curls. Thanks!

  3. Love it! This is great! Can you type out the names of the products you use? Do you always use a diffuser or do you sometimes let your hair air dry?

    Awesome post.

  4. Thanks for the tips!…is the necklace you are wearing Tiffany pearl/diamond?

  5. Can you list the products in order that you use them? My hair can be curly but I have been spending a lot of time straightening it and would like to try the curl again.
    PS. I know what you mean about Austin as I live here and see nice people all the time. Enjoy your visit!

  6. Thanks for posting this! I have fine, dry, curly hair, and I end up with those thin curls that look like a bad perm when they dry. I’m excited to try to “clump” the curls so that they look fuller and thicker when they dry. Thanks again for the video! I wish my hair was longer; it’s about shoulder-length now and you know how long it takes to grow out curly hair (because it shrinks when dry).

    Btw, how often do you get your hair trimmed to keep it looking so healthy?

  7. Any recommendations for rehydrating dried out ends? They always seem to turn my curls into a tangled mess after a few hours out the shower.

  8. awesome! very helpful demo: grouping the hair/curls together so as to avoid the dreaded kinky-curl. yes! love these product reco’s too! keep ’em comin’! ps. nice rack you lucky girl!!!

  9. This has been the most fantastically well-timed post ever. I’ve been looking for a curly hair product change, thank you! Did you know they sell the devacurl diffuser separately? The adapter doesn’t fit my dryer so I’ll look for a compatible dryer. Also, have you ever used Redken fresh curls? That, and a hot sock diffuser, have worked pretty well for me the last few years. I’ve been following you since pre-Suitor days and really do enjoy the blog. :)

  10. Can you tell me how long do you use the diffuser for? A couple mins or more like 5+? Thanks!

  11. Another curly hair question: how do you instruct your stylist re: your haircut? I’m trying to grow my hair to the longer side, and love how healthy yours looks. I do need to get maintenance cuts along the way, but find that the layers I ask for are either too severe or don’t grow out the way I want them too. I usually have my hair thinned when I have it cut as well, and I have total faith in my stylist who is known as the “curl master of Boston”, I just think I’m asking him for the wrong thing. I’d love to know how you maintain that length without your hair just looking spent… it’s gorgeous! Thanks in advance.

  12. Thanks for the video! I have long curls with a similar cut and style as yours, and I live in South Florida too (Miami) so I understand all too well the importance of soft, frizz free curls and the quest to achieve them. I am a big believer in “the wetter the better” when putting product in your hair. The wet hair holds the clump of curls like you showed in the video. A tip that works for me is to let it air dry as long as possible before diffusing. Like, hours. It keeps the curls clumped together. I find that if I diffuse when my hair is too wet, the curls separate and I get the dreaded crunchy perm look. If done right, I can go about 3 days without washing. I use a spray bottle filled with water and more product to revive my curls. I’ve been happy with the TIGI Curls Rock line and lately I’ve been using Redken 01 Shine cream as a finisher. I’m interested in the Ouidad line but haven’t wanted to spend the money on it.

    Anyways, I was not offended by your boobage. I was interested in the hair tips. Thanks for the video and your previous post with the product list!

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