santa’s extraordinary list (a movie)

It looked as if we’d spent the day at home practicing. “No, again! Now, once more, what will you tell Santa when he asks you what you’d like for Christmas?” Because no kid, unless he’s a film character named Travis or Tiny Tim, sits in deep contemplation before answering Saint Nicholas’s time-honored question, especially to answer the way our Kind Sir did last night.

Lucas did not ask Santa for a Dinosaur. Not a pony. This wasn’t anything we’d ever talked about, not directly. There was neither prompting nor practice. Sir Luke sat on Santa’s knee and told him in lieu of any gifts, here’s what he’d really like:

Video was removed. Sorry!

How is there no “Mr. America” Pageant? This kid has “world peace” by the short ‘n’ curlies.


  1. One of the greatest gifts of my life is having raised a sweet man. You’re well on the way…

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