plain jane of a new name

The Original: Milk with toppings

I am, and always have been, intrusively obsessed with plain tart frozen yogurt. It’s not some yogurt prancing around trying to be the equal of ice cream. It’s beyond comparison when it’s done right. And now that I’ve changed states, I’m on the hunt for the equal of Yogurtland’s creamy (dairy-based) Plain Tart yogurt. Today, this very morning, I plan on hitting up Haagen-Dazs and 16 Handles, hoping with all hopes that one of them comes close to the bliss that is Yogurtland’s tart (Yogurtland in Coral Springs is a good half-hour drive). Will let you know my own findings in this very important world event. Newsflash: I think Haagen-Dazs has discontinued their tart natural (and while Chai Latte sounds like it might wanna be my BFF, it’s not within a 50 mile radius of my arse). Where, oh where, shall I find a *creamy* milky goodness tart?



  1. I, too, am a long time devotee of plain, frozen yogurt as it was originally invented and intended (think 40 Carrots at Bloomies.) If you have a cuisinart ice cream maker, which we purchased just for this reason, it is really easy to make – just plain, drained yogurt and sugar and in 20 minutes you have “tart and tangy.”

    1. Author

      Problem: I tried Orange Leaf yesterday, and it was a tragic FAIL. It was not milky creamy.

      Yogurtland Plain Tart nutritional info:
      Calories per 1 fl. oz.: 30
      Total Carbs: 27
      Sugars: 26
      Protein: 2
      Calcium: 4

      Orangeleaf Nutrition for Classic Tart:
      Calories: 32
      Carbs: 6
      Sugar: 4.4
      Protein: .9

      Neither have fat. But I wouldn’t mind if they did. I just want the one that has real milk and is closest to real tart yogurt.

  2. one of my sorority sisters lives in tampa but swears my yogurtland, no idea if theres one near you, but worth a shot?

  3. I don’t know what it tastes like but 16 Handles has it. We have one in the mall I met you in. It’s called Euro Tart or something. I always wondered what that was about. I prefer “Birthday Cake” flavor to anything else but “tart” does exist. Good luck.

  4. Iceberry at Cityplace in west palm. The yogurt is as good, if not better than Pinkberry and if you havent been yet City Place is lovely. Nice shopping, fountains the kids will love, a bunch of great restaurants, and live music at night. You should definitely go!

  5. Ok…don’t know if my response went through, but try this…Google Tutti Fruitti, Gurtzberry, or just “tart frozen yogurt” – I promise, when I lived there, those places were everywhere! Also, since you’re not too far away, if you’re ever in West Palm, check out the little diner called Howley’s. They are AWESOME. They have a huge menur, everything is amazing, and they have a cool retro bar. Enjoy :)

  6. I would do anything for a Trader Joe’s in Florida. They’re supposed to be opening a Pinkberry in Miami pretty soon. Lately I’ve been going to the new yogurt place on Las Olas in Ft. Lauderdale. Their tart is ok, though not as good as Pinkberry. It does in a pinch.

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