what makes your “worth it” list?

This list is an extension of an earlier post, where I promised to post such a list. So, here it is, my TOTALLY WORTH IT LIST (aka a list of things I’m glad I bought before marriage and babies, when in some cases spending this much would be out of the question… or at the very least a guilt-ridden hide-the-bags fest).


Crate & Barrel Steamer Bar

KitchenAid Mixer

My Steamer Bar

Schweitzer Linens

Every last Hermes Scarf

My cropped white Hudson Jeans

My AG Jeans in “The Fringe” style

My elliptical machine

West Elm Bookshelf

Nikon Lenses

Wusthof Knives

All-Clad Stainless

Really good blowdryer

Fleur de the Rose Bulgare perfume by Creed

Burberry Poncho

An assortment of Purple Label cableknit cashmeres

Celine Black Bag

Intermix black trench coat

Anya Hindmarch Pony Bag

Takashamaya Robe

Black Catherine Malandrino dress

My really good laptop bag that doubles as a… really good bag, period.

RLX Polo sport jacket that makes me feel all mission possible

TJMaxx Special: Ralph Lauren heavy crystal plaid tumblers & barware

Look around your life. What do you STILL get a thrill from having? Orgasms, for the most part, are free, so they don’t count.

Recent purchases I can’t imagine won’t make the list years from now:

Hands down, my holy-shite this is awesome VITAMIX (love love love for velvet soup textures, phenomenal cocktails with that same texture as frozen margarita machines, and smoothies, ice cream, chopped onions!)

Diamond Earrings

The softest lambskin black bag ever

A Gorban painting

My Breville Oven (3 people have slept at my house, left, and ran out to buy one)

And a shitpile of cookbooks

Really good baking pans (Chicago Metallic)

Olio Santo (my favorite olive oil)

Silouette Machine

Much of my MJ Trimming Ribbon collection


Creams. Any of them. I’d like to be convinced otherwise

La Perla

Leather pants from Scoop

Burberry Coat

The Blahniks, any of them

Any knockoff ever

Wow, not a single pair of shoes, not even my favs

I think it’s surprising what we think will bring us happiness and what actually does. People say that objects don’t give us happiness that lasts, and I’d agree, for the most part. But I will say that some things, actual things, do make us smile daily, leave us feeling confident, pretty, taken care of. And if you can find those things, if they still make you feel, years later, they’re worth keeping. It’s how I feel, most, about my cookbooks and cooking equipment. They are my favorite things.



  1. Not necessarily before marriage, but definitely in the worth-it column & glad that I have it:

    My Steinway grand
    All-clad cookware (most of it bought on Ebay)
    Kitchen-Aide mixer
    Portable XM radio + XM in both our cars
    A fine education and the committment to life-long learning
    A huge collection of books and now those being amassed on Kindle
    All of our pets over the years
    Summer vacations in Aspen
    There probably are more that belong on the list but I can’t think of them at the moment.

    1. Addendum: The 3 sets of sterling we own + the 7 sets of china, some of it ours, some of it inherited.

  2. Wonderful list—that Breville oven is amazing. I bought one soon after they came out. Friends said I was crazy to spend that much on a “toaster oven,” but it’s fantastic—and anything that keeps me from heating up the entire kitchen in the summer gets double points. It’s smarter than I am.

  3. I echo some of your choices, especially All-Clad and Wusthof kitchen gems and Nikon lenses. Probably wouldn’t fare so well without my Chi blow-dryer either. Oh how I envy you and your Vitamix! The purchases I’m usually glad I made are of the vintage, one-of-a-kind variety. They are usually my most treasured objects and I’m almost always glad I didn’t pass them up. Most recently acquisition were my vintage owl salt and pepper shakers purchases for 15 bucks.

  4. Kitchen Aid professional series mixer
    Marmot Down Parka
    fancy after-market remote start for the car. No more getting into a bone chillingly cold car, or an oven…
    Brabantia ironing board and Rowenta Iron
    Jiffy Steamer, professional grade garment steamer
    Thousands of dollars in surgery that gave my dog his healthy, happy, active life back.

  5. 1. The Dyson vacuum
    2. Every trip I have taken/will take overseas instead of saving the money and/or buying something practical

    I think that’s pretty much it. Reverse order, though — I never miss the Dyson when I’m traveling, but I often wish I was traveling while using the Dyson.

    1. I have been pondering the Dyson for a long time, specifically the pet version. Do you mind sharing which model you have?

      1. Me?

        I’ve two – one is the red & purple one (plus gray), made to get under furniture I think, and the newer one is all purple (plus gray). There is nothing wrong with the low version; I just like to have a vacuum on each floor rather than schlep one up and down the stairs all the time. Both are AH-MAY-ZING. Seriously, tote a baggie of sand into Sears and demand to test-drive one! I’ll stop now before sound like an infomercial.

        1. PS: We have two incredibly shedding shepherd mixes, plus a cat, and both Dysons are brilliant for fur fluffs. I’ve begun to believe you don’t need the actual Animal model unless you’re planning to vacuum the animal itself.

  6. My subzero wine fridge with two fridge drawers-love, love
    My wolf cooktop-lots of power
    All-clad pots and pans (had mine 17 years, still gorgeous)
    Louis Vuitton wallet-gift from husband, and built to last
    Cookbooks, I read like regular books
    Woodburning pizza oven in garden
    TV in bathroom, no arguments from children about taking bath
    Two kitties from animal rescue society-adore, adore, adore!!!

  7. Really – you are on the Vitamix bandwagon? How does an almost $500 super blender get to be so hot during a recession? I guess there are enough people with more money than brains.

  8. My 36″ of good saltwater pearls (bought in 1994 and still worn all the time)
    All Clad and Le Creuset
    Henkels knives
    Steinway Grand (seconded above)
    Hartmann luggage
    Leather chesterfield sofa (going 20+ years now)
    All of my Fluevog shoes, even if I can’t wear some of them anymore
    800 thread count pima cotton sheets
    My 100 year old house, the money pit, because we love it

    Things not worth it
    Waterford crystal wine glasses – too nice to use, collecting dust
    Coach handbags
    New cars every 4 or 5 years
    Overrated Dualit toaster
    Expensive electronics – obsolete too quickly
    Fancy towels
    Any high-end clothing item, because nothing is classic and my size changes

  9. B&B Italia couch
    Babyliss hairdryers (one for 110, one for 220)
    Ives Delorme Etoile towels especially the bath sheet, in white
    Rag & Bone hooded jacket with quilted lining (I’d wear it to bed)
    Panasonic Lumix digital point-and-shoot (have two including the latest model, LOVE)
    My own bathroom (helps maintain marital harmony)
    My (modest) collection of modern abstract paintings
    Season theater tickets
    Traveling in business class (better for the old bones – wouldn’t be necessary if airlines hadn’t turned coach into a torture chamber)
    Eating out
    A good colorist
    Where do I start…

  10. At the risk of sounding very simple my must have’s are..

    My kids
    My husband
    The dogs
    Morning coffee.
    A few hours to myself at night.

  11. My Bottega Venetta handbag. Never looks worn. Always perfect.
    My tall black leather Merrel boots. They are fully waterproof and great in the snow, but look like nice black knee high boots.
    Elite Serum.
    Any Calypso summer dress I’ve ever bought.
    Any J Crew swimsuit I’ve bought.
    My Sleep Number bed.

      1. It is the only thing I have ever used on my eyes where I can actually see a difference. And I’ve used it all…

  12. Worth it-

    *Tods Winter Gommini loafer in patent leather hot pink. I got them on clearance at nordstrom a few yrs ago because no one is buying that
    color but me. I LOVE them.

    *All the art/sculpture we bought from zephyr gallery when it was in Princeton. We could never buy it now & it’s all unique & awesome

    *Sirius. Can’t live without Stern. A day without Stern is a sad day indeed.

    That’s really it as far as “stuff” goes.

    Not worth it-

    *Kitchen Aid Mixer. I bought it because it was a craze going around the message boards of thenest.com. Typo in the Lowe’s circular- $150. I ran and bought one and it’s a giant paperweight. I’ve used it twice in like 6 yrs. I HATE cooking/baking/being in the kitchen! I am so silly sometimes.

    *China. It’s pretty & I HAD to have it. Hi, we hate entertaining! And the kind of friends we entertain don’t require china and neither do I! I think we’ve used it twice since 2006. Waste.

    *Crate & Barrel canopy bed. STUPID! Ugh. Stupid canopy wood stakes? are always in my eye-line of the tv.

    1. Author

      Wait until your kiddos start begging you to make things for bake sale. Honestly, I felt the way you did about baking UNTIL I learned to measure by weight, not volume. Now, you just DUMP STUFF in a bowl without leveling and dirtying several measuring cups and spoons! It’s the greatest epiphany I’ve had in years. Digital scale and any bowl in your kitchen (including that kitchen aid bowl). Love it.

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