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black and white nyc love
black and white nyc love

I have so much to report, to post. Photos, food talk, Vegas (and my kick-ass gambling strategy), public speaking… I leave for New York tomorrow morning (where I’m already excited for my dinner at The Lion). I can’t wait for all the family time, friend time, New York time. Dear God, I need some. Ooh, and LEA will be there, too! The beans are coming to NY with us… Then, I’m off to Savannah, GA for the film festival at SCAD (with The Suitor in tow)! I’ll be way better about posting in the days to come. For now, I need to sleep, then pack, and take a big fat Excedrin. Ooh, plus I bought a new watch that I’m loving right now (rose gold). Random, I know. It’s late. Smooches.

In the meanwhile, I leave you with these cheery nuggets of therapy goodness:

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What advice would you give your younger self?


  1. So, you must have been reading my accessory mind girly, because I’m obsessed with getting the Michael Kors rose gold watch… I’m MAJ proud!!

  2. If you have too much time to post on a blog, that probably isn’t a good thing! Good luck with everything!

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