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rosh hashanah
Rosh Hashanah’s Past

I love you so much and am really so so lucky to have you as my father. Someone who just “gets it,” who doesn’t take things personally! For the love of God, I can’t tell you how important that is, that you know I love you, value you, like you, so you never read into things or take offense to plans made or calls forgotten. There’s never, ever, any drama from you. No attitude. No passive-aggressive insecure bullshit. “Offended” isn’t your word. You never go there, and I think it’s a testament to both your strength of self and to our extraordinary relationship. Man, did I luck out. Thank you for not being psycho.

Thank you for listening to me and talking me down from my psycho. For your wisdom, your eye-roll-worthy jokes, and in general, for your absolute love, unconditional. It’s such a gift.

Speaking of gifts… I know all you ever really want is a card, but quite frankly, I couldn’t get my act together enough to get one to you on time. That, and for about a year now, I’ve wanted to get you this present. I’ve mentioned it to you before and wasn’t sure if we got it for you if you’d actually use it. But too bad. You should use it. You will use it. I think it’s the perfect gift for my somewhat crazy father (I realize I have your genes).

stop emotional eatingSo here it is. We’re getting you The emWave for stress management and also to help you with golf! It does it all! It’s even good for weight-loss and emotional eating (for moi, not you). Good for actors, athletes, and anxiety-ridden daters who need to get into the right state of mind, it’s like Baskin’ Robbins; there’s something for everyone. But this something is just for you, the one and only, best dad. We love you so much and can’t wait for your stress-free visit in two weeks!



  1. I really enjoyed this post.. I truly envy the relationship you have with your father!

    and speaking of Rosh Hashana.. do you have a KICKASS Kugel recipe you’d like to share? and also.. what about those Caramel Apple Cupcakes with Honey-whipped frosting?? I am dying to hear about this one!

  2. That is great that you and your father have such a close relationship. Also very fortunate that you recognize how special it truly is. Happy Birthday Mr. Klein!

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