the happiest of father’s days

Cover of Lost Balls

My father is coming to town this week, so we’ll be able to celebrate the day properly, even if belated. Oh, but what to get the man who has everything?

The man’s into golf, but has always warned, "Don’t bother getting me any of that golf crap. It’s always a waste of money. All I need is a card… that’ll make me cry," he adds. He is, unquestionably, a total sap. And, I love that about him. Still, we won’t be celebrating Father’s Day with a bottle of Boggie wine.

Last I was in Z Gallerie, though, I saw the perfect coffee table book for the golfer (and for my friend Amy’s boss, who had some incident that left him with a single testicle). When faced with the book title, I couldn’t keep from touching Amy on the arm, and quite straight-faced, declaring that I found the perfect corporate gift for her asshouse of a boss. Then I handed her the book, titled, "Lost Balls." I love when life can arrange itself like that, just setting us up for a stomach laugh.

I suspect there will be a lot of that this coming week, as my father, Carol, and my smartass munch of a sister Lea all arrive! I’m already in menu-planning mode, complete with cocktails (Carol and Lea love them some hooch). They all don’t arrive until this coming Thursday, June 25, but when they do, we’ll be ready for them, cameras in hand. I can’t wait. Have a happy Father’s Day, full of grilling, touch-tag something, sharpened knives, feet up, all-day games on too-big TVs, and organized toolkits and sheds (not that any of the men in my life would even know what to do with either).

And for those whose fathers are no longer with us, I hope you find a way this Father’s Day to honor your father. To toast him, tell a story about him, repeat his favorite joke. I’m thankful for many things, but topping the tops list in my life, for sure, is my dad. I can’t imagine a life without him.

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  1. I went from laughing to crying from reading this post! I love the title of the book! I had to laugh. It sounds like you are close with your dad. That is wonderful. You must be so excited to see the family next week. Looking forward to that post when hopefully you share menu's, the fun, and pictures! The tears began when I read the last paragraph.
    I lost my dad last June just before Father's Day. He died of pancreatic cancer at only 60 years old. So I will take your advice and try to find a way to honor him. I have been avoiding the card aisle for weeks. I still have moments when it hasn't yet registered in my head, or maybe my heart that I don't have a dad anymore. Worse than that, I didn't appreciate him enough when he was alive. So everyone enjoy the holiday with father's and family! Its those little moments that matter the most! Making memories…

  2. i bought this book for my hubbers last christmas and he loves it!

  3. Or we can have the father who doesn't want to have anything to do with his kids b/c his new pyscho wife has brainwashed him! WOO HOO Happy Father's Day to my dad who I can't send a card to for fear I will be charged with harassment!

  4. That's sweet of you to acknowledge the people who don't have fathers. It's always kind of a rough holiday.

  5. Wow, the comment to those of us who’ve lost our dads stopped me short.

    It’s been just a bit over a year. I think about him all the time.

    I honor him for everything he gave me–a good brain, a strong work ethic and a sense of responsibility.

    This is such a good time to remember that and to acknowledge him somewhat publicly.

    Thank you, Dad. For all of it.

  6. I hope you have something special planned for the beans and Phil too :)

  7. As usual, I postponed the Father’s Day shopping too far and according to UPS, the gift will arrive promptly- on Monday. Oh well. I will make a call and thank my dad for all the great things he has done for and with me. And feel lucky that, like you, my dad is still here and still a great guy all around. (Thank you to the commenters who have lost their fathers for reminding me to feel lucky).

  8. Happy Father’s Day to Phil!!

    Your site/blog looks nice and clean with the changes you’ve made. Very nice.

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