i want to eat them even more than carbs. okay, just as much.

IMG_1206 IMG_1213

I realized they’re no longer tadpoles or beans. They’re sprouts, for sure. For the couples baby shower, we hung Lucas’s newborn clothes on a clothes line in the front of our house. I realized how little he used to be. And I have to say, quite honestly, I don’t miss it. I don’t miss, at all, that baby smell, the little-ness, the sweet chubby cheeks. I don’t miss, for a second, being a newborn mother.

I hear some mothers sweat it. That they forget the pain and want more. That they hold a newborn and bat their eyes at their men. I am not one of these women. I like singing Annie songs. I like playing beauty parlor and giving loud monkey kisses. I like swim lessons (even when I look like I have a skin disease thanks to my molting spray tan). I love our life now.




  1. me & lucas have the same shirt! he looks like quite a lovely young lad!

  2. Your children are just beautiful!! I love watching them grow from when they were premies in your arms as premies til now. They are absolutely precious. Thank you for sharing!! Gosh – I can't wait to have children to celebrate such wondries. You are a lucky woman Stephanie – in so many ways.

  3. OOOh but how would you not want another baby when you they will turn out just as amazingly adorable as those 2. they are precious, ,you are very lucky

  4. I think that's the key to good parenting – loving every moment they're in and not pining for something else. I loved, LOVED, baby days…3 babies right in a row. I loved toddler days. I loved little kid days. I loved pre-teen days. I love, LOVE, teen days.

    Truth be told – I only like *my* children. Actually – I love them ridiculously. Other people's children – meh. I enjoy the pictures, hearing the stories, watching them grow – but…seriously…

    My darlings have suddenly gotten oh-so-adult. Graduation plans, prom dates, lacrosse games. College, Europe trips, editing school papers. And yet – I am so young! A mere 29 (remainder several).

    Blink once – they're half grown…blink twice – and you'll wonder when the hell you entered the time warp.

  5. wow ur girl really looks like u… and she has natural eyeliner!

  6. Love her pig tails! They are both so beautiful. I just registered my youngest for kindergarten. I LOVE being beyond diapers and sippy cups and yet still in the age of innocence and wonder. An early Happy Mother's Day to you!

  7. Never say never. I didn't think I'd be one of those moms either but when they begin to turn into little people you'll see how easy it is to miss those baby soft days. I was rubbing my five-year-old's freshly shaved head last night while we were watching tv, and couldn't help but remember his soft fuzz head as a baby and thinking the ol' cliche (which you find yourself saying more and more as they get older), time flies.
    Love Abigail's pigtails.

  8. I agree with 3 teens mom…those kids are pretty darn lucky to have a mom like you :)

  9. You are such a character! I love your honesty and totally agree…your kids are beyond adorable & I hope you have a VERY happy mother's day!!

  10. My daughter (one & only) turns 20 next week. I haven't yet missed the baby years. They're so noisy & tend to have an unpleasant odor no matter how often you change the diapers. And I've never found that time flies. My time tends to saunter. Abigail & Lucas are absolutely beautiful.

  11. As a mother of 3 year old twins myself, I completely and utterly understand your compassion for not wanting more children! I truly believe it has something to do with raising newborn twins, truth be told it was exhausting and personally I do not want to relive that first year. I love the fact that they can now feed themselves, express themselves with words, brush their own teeth, etc… I love playing with them, building towers, saying ABC'S and the such. My closest girlfriends think I am insane for being in my early thirties and already making the decision that my husband and I are done having kids, but again, I don't think that people who have single babies can truly grasp the reality of what it is like to have two at once, including those who have two or more children at different ages.

  12. Happy Mother's day Stephanie :) The kids are more adorable every time we get a glimpse of them! I used to think Lucas looked more like Phil, but this photo today, I think he's starting to resemble you more. So…who do YOU think they look like? Who do they act like?? Would love an insightful post into their characters.


  13. I also agree. I don't really miss those days at all either. My twin boys will be 3 in July. I like this stage, minus the meltdowns, but it's so, so much easier than newborns and infants.

  14. I love your comments. I have a feeling we're about the same age, though my darlings are only in second grade. You have a wonderful, earthy, I've-earned-my-stripes wisdom about you. Some days, especially with a troubled child, it's hard not to wish for something/someone/someplace else. Thanks for the reminder that these moments are fleeting — and for the reassurance the pre-teen and teen years might actually be something to enjoy!

  15. You like them more because they are people now. And it keeps getting better. Enjoy.

  16. COMPLETELY agree about the not missing the newborn thing. I think it's the twin thing that did me in. Well, and other issues with one of my duo. Done, done, done. I do NOT miss watching the baby stuff go out of the house. I do NOT have nostalgia for their cribs or their bottles etc. It's so freeing. I know I'm done. A weight gets lifted off my shoulder with every bag of broken toys and outgrown clothes that goes out the door.

    That said, I love the smells and smiles and warmth of babies belonging to other people.

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