celebrating pain, and all that comes with it

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Kind of weird if you really stop to think about, the notion of birthdays. Celebrating the day your mother asked for more drugs. The day she was terrified of having your father in the delivery room, for fear of crapping on the table. Yet, it’s a ritual that reminds us of how precious life is, and more importantly, gives us a reason to indulge, to pop open a bottle, to light a fire, to make wishes that last, and to lick lots of frosting.

Happy Birthday, Phil. I love you.




  1. I love birthdays. Its the day that those who love someone, get the opportunity to give thanks for that person! What a beautiful celebration!

  2. Happy Birthday Phil. Hope you got something nice paid for by all this hideous new ads slopped all over the blog.

  3. that fear (of crapping on the table) is totally rational. i just finished my OB nursing rotation, and it happens more than you'd think…

    happy birthday phil!

  4. Birthdays are reminders of another year on the good of the grass. They should be celebrated muchly. And with cake.

  5. yay it's my birthday too!! Happy Birthday Phil!!! I haven't made a wish today and somehow don't feel the need to make one so …I'll make a wish for you, Phil. May your health improve and may you have many many many more birthdays to come.

    I sent my mom flowers today and both her and my father started to cry. It just really felt like the right thing to do now that my mom and grandma (her own mom) have been feuding for as long as I can remember and things just escalated. I just wanted to let her know that as a daughter I will try my best to be as good to her as she has been to me and that I will always be there for her as a friend as well.

  6. I'm not really feeling like this was a happy birthday phil!
    more of a
    happy fucking birthday…..phil.

    I'm not gonna lie,
    i would love to do something like that.

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