share the wealth: tell people about your favorite people (and things)

BUMLAUGH If anyone’s looking for a "social media strategist," get in line (David Peck is worth getting in line for). Companies are always seeking out new ways to expand (they’ll tell you "deepen") their relationships with consumers–especially "cheap relationships" that don’t involve print advertising budgets.

Okay, that’s not quite fair, or accurate, actually, considering that many of the companies reaching out to bloggers, reaching out on Twitter and Facebook also advertise on billboards. Ideally, a company/ a person/ a brand/ a micro-brand won’t need to advertise, because if other people are talking about your brand, it’s no longer advertising; it’s publicity.

As an author, I’ve heard that most people who purchase books do so not because of an article they read, not because of an interview they saw on TV or some book website. Most people walk up to the information desk, squinting, trying to remember the name of that book, or the name of that author her friend/ her mother/ her favorite blogger mentioned. Word of mouth comes down to one word: share.

Share shit you like. Tell people about the books you like, the sites you read, the applications you use. And tell them about the selfless people who take the time to answer your emails, even when they have nothing to "gain" from it. Tell them about people like David Peck, just a decent, really good guy, who’s always willing to help, to explain, because he’s passionate about what he does for a living: "deepening" relationships. Be generous with your information and knowledge.

Here’s my challenge to you: Email, Twitter, Facebook, Video Blog, Blog, Text or (dare I say it) tell people about 5 of your favorite things today. To your friends, to strangers, to people who don’t even use the internet. Give them a list of at least 5. You’re a stickler for Top 10 lists? Go for it. Tell them about the people who move you, who improve your life in some way, who make you think, who inspire you, who make you change a little each time you find yourself thinking about them. Tell people about brands you like, about technologies you rely on, about the books that changed your life, about the music or art that changes your mood. It’ll make you feel good about you.

5 YEARS AGO: Variety Pack



  1. Top o' the share list, yoga. I always thought yoga was all patchouli and kumbaya, but it will change your life (and more quickly than you can imagine, your body). Unnerving at first, yes, what with ass up, legs apart and luggage on display like a Samsonite showroom. But just do.

  2. This is HUGE NEWS, you know . . . because it has never, EVER happened before. I thought you'd get a kick out of this:

    As for the unique subject of this article: "The bloggerati pounced gleefully last week on the news that one of their own had fallen in love with a commoner, er, commenter.

    Reader, she is going to marry him."

    Jane Austen isn't the only one whose story is being repeated here. :-)

  3. Been there, done that on Facebook. But with better spelling and grammar.

  4. I like this. My top 5 of today. 1. Snuggling with my girlie-q's after Hubby-O-Mine got out of bed. 2. Eating orange rolls with the fam while reading the paper…just a lazy spring break day. 3. Practicing the piano for the youngest's 1st communion class on 4/19 and having her sing with me and her big sister turning my pages without my telling since the flute has taught her to read music (well, not technically the flute, but the band teacher). 4. Knitting with the cat on my lap as if the prayer shawl was her personal afghan. 5. Reading your blog!

  5. You have inspired to me finally pen a post that has been on my mind. I have used the internet for evil in the past, blogging about horrible hairstylists and a certain airline’s refusal to stock gummy bears in the duty-free cart, among other things. However, I truly hate that whole “when people have a bad experience, they tell more people than when they’ve had a good one” concept. It should be the other way around, and I thank you for reminder

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