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Butterfly Now your life can be a Michael Buble song, too. It seems all you really need is a sunshine bauble bracelet. I’m not going to lie to you: I love bracelets like this. They remind me of walking barefoot late in the afternoon, when the light is orange, and it’s time for a crisp white wine and an evening of oysters and awnings.

A bracelet like this makes me want to wear white capri jeans. And if there’s one thing my figure knows, it knows never to wear capri jeans, especially not the white variety. But that’s what a bauble bracelet will do to a girl: make her skip like a sprite, wear two coats of mascara, and change her toe polish to an unnaturally heinous, but trendy, shade of "Sag Harbor." Unless you’re a bride, looking for "something blue," there’s never cause for blue nail polish. Unless it’s so navy it’s almost a vampy nod to vamp, but I digress. This bracelet with a periwinkle featherweight sweater, a pair of worn in jeans, and it just might be love. Except the blue of my jeans has to be high-contrast enough with the blue in the sweater, or I fear I’m sporting the Mexican Tuxedo look, which might have worked for Tom Hanks in Big, but I’m pretty sure I can’t pull it off.

I set off for Fort Lauderdale tomorrow, to the Literary Feast. Which means today, instead of attending film screenings at SXSW Film, I’ll be getting my manicure/pedicure and heading to the J of all Crews for some baubles, so my life can be described in nouns like "sunshine" and "primrose garden."

Literary_feast_logo On Friday morning, I’m heading to Flanagan High School to speak to students, then, after lunch, I’m off to Meeting of the Minds, where I’m told dress is "tropical casual." Does this mean I need a Tommy Bahama dress and an orchid hair accessory, or simply that I need to dress like Larry from Three’s Company? I’m told "pictures will be taken with your dinner host." Oh, the pressure.

Come Saturday, I’ll be shuttled off for my 10am Lit LIVE! Panel at Nova Southeastern University (NSU) in Davie, which is where I’ll be until 2pm (FREE EVENT, OPEN TO THE PUBLIC). Then back to my hotel to change for a Night of Literary Feasts, where "cocktail attire" is requested. I just bit off all my nails thinking about packing for this trip. It’s not the talks that are unnerving, so much as the "As soon as we arrive at the Panorama Ballroom, all of the authors will gather for a group photo" itinerary. It sounds so serious. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s the word Panorama.

The Night of Literary Feats is a cocktail reception and book signing from 6-8pm. Each author is then escorted to different dinner locations, to eat with guests, as the guest of honor. And all I want to know right now is, what the blank do I wear aside from the baubles? And will I get to meet Joyce Carol Oates? I hope so. It really is an honor to be part of this event. I feel lucky to be included and hope to meet people with great stories of their own.



  1. tropical casual = something that shows your collarbones and/or something made of linen. cocktail attire gives me serious anxiety, so i don't know what to tell you there, other than that my mother always says the jewelry makes the outfit. do they have fancy evening-wear baubles?

  2. If you get to meet Joyce Carol Oates, I will positively slap you (figuratively, from a distance, while turning shades of the jade in your bauble).

    All of it sounds like such fun! Tropical casual? Good luck figuring that out. The bauble would fit in though, I think.

  3. if you love baubles as you say you do, you must, must, must check out Trollbeads. The latest celebrity haute coutre jewlery. Collecting them, changing them up, wearing them different ways….addicting.

  4. chica, i would just love to be one of the guests dining with you and enjoying your delightful company. enjoy yourself and your surroundings, and everyone and everything will be enchanted.

  5. Have a great time in my 'hood, NYNY. Sounds like a great event. Wish I could make it.

  6. The minute I saw the bracelet, I thought of white denim. I might venture into white denim pencil skirt territory with those baubles.

  7. Oooh, wardrobe challenges! I feel your pain. I have a wedding to go to in June in Atlanta. It is a formal, Southern, Jewish wedding on a Saturday night. Add that in with the semi-formal rehersal dinner, and the traditional Southern Sunday brunch, and I'm up a creek without any ideas.

  8. Those new essie polishes are AWFUL. There is no excuse for baby blue fingernails on a grown woman. I do agree with you about navy, though.

  9. How is Phil doing (heart monitoring)? How is the puppy?
    How is the pilot going?

    Any pictures from SXSW?
    I hope you're doing well. Sounds like you're busy.

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  11. I have a similar bracelet from H&M 2 years ago, but you're right, it screams summer to me. And to the commenter that claims trollbeads are celebrity haute couture jewelery? My mom wears those!

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