small world


Sometimes the world gets small on me. So small it stops fitting. You run into a life you had once upon a time ago, and you wonder where you would be now had you stepped to the right instead of the left. You wonder if the world is trying to tell you something, each time it has you bump into people from "ago" instead of "now." As if to say, "we’re not done here." 

And no, I did not run into the wasband or his friends. Though if I had, I’d have sent over a bottle of (cheap) champagne with a card attached that read, "Your screwing me over was the best thing that ever happened to me…" and depending on how much I’d already had to drink, I might cap it off with, "… you asshut." Because hut is a good word.

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  1. Oh my, Ms. Stephanie…I can totally relate to this. I'm always wondering the "fork in the road." Seems you made some great turns. Take care of yourself and have a wonderful weekend.

  2. This post has a very Lost-esque feel to it. Sorta like see ya in another life brutha!

  3. I know this is about your "Lost" moment, so pls forgive, but I had to comment about your related two years ago blog entry on your children and their grandfather. My mother was holding my baby boy, who had the screaming colic for months. He had settled down and was staring at her in a pouty way. I heard her say softly, "You don't know it yet, but I am your very best friend. The best friend you will ever have."

    He is 15 now and they have a deep, special bond, even though we don't live close. Their time together is concentrated and poignant. Not the same at all with his other grandmother. Because it's not about time, but love's size. Grownups get confused about it, but a kid knows when the love is large.

  4. Oh, I have this from time to time too. What if I'd taken study option nr B, or went away to live in dorms, or what if I had said yes to that boyfriend marriage proposal. I usually reach the same conclusion though: I'm pretty happy where I ended up, so maybe I did make the right choices.

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