The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham

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I’m obsessed. What else would explain my staying up until 2AM staring at screen captures, scrutinizing maps, and having a stare down with the reflection in a lowball glass? For the people who don’t watch LOST, you should. You should catch up and rent the earlier seasons. What I love about LOST is that it’s a puzzle for adults. It makes you think, figure out how pieces pull together, and it’s not one of those shows where you can predict who the murderer is in the first five minutes. You’re always surprised. And the writers are always one step ahead of us, actually, more like 50 steps ahead. The point is, it makes you think and get passionate about your own ideas and thoughts, and suddenly you’re sitting down with a friend comparing Jacob theories. Is he really Jack or is he John? I’m thinking Jacob IS Jack, by the way. See what I mean?

And holy crap on a cracker was that episode of LOST good last night.

I need to have a little chat about reincarnation. A few episodes ago, when Ben was driving the van, the logo on the van read "Canton-Rainier" which is an anagram for Reincarnation. Ben was hoping to pick up Locke’s body but was unexpectedly held up when things didn’t go as planned when he tried to kill Charles Widmore’s daughter, Penny (one can only assume).

In an earlier season, episode titled "Cabin Fever" Richard (the guy who never seems to age) goes to visit a young John Locke, presenting him with six items. One of those items was a a compass (the very compass Richard had given to John this season in the episode titled "Jughead." episodes ago, before a time/white light/jump, saying John should show it to him if they meet again, so he’ll believe him). At that young age, when we saw John locke as a kid, he was drawing smoke monsters. Locke also told Richard to visit him.

Now Locke is back on the island. Back from the dead (holy shit, didn’t you LOVE that Ben used him to get the Eloise Hawking info, then offed the guy after convincing him to live?). Lapidis and "some woman" took off in a boat (I think this might be Sun), while Kate, Hurley, and Jack jumped back in time, way back, to Dharma days, with Jin in that Dharma uniform. But what about Sayid? Ben’s curled up in the "injured" room, after their crash, but we know Ben wasn’t injured. That bloody and mess on him is from the Penny ordeal. My question is why would Jack, Kate, and Hurley be the only ones on the plane to time warp? Ben, Locke, Lapidis, and I assume Sun are with this new cast of characters.

And why the word "reincarnation?" Here’s what I can make of it. I believe that John Locke lived on this island for many years. Perhaps he was the guy who built the place, and he died, but was reincarnated, that same soul in a new body. The body of John Locke. It’s why as a kid he knew so much about the island, why he wasn’t scared of "Smokey."

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  1. I've never seen "Lost," though lately I'm tempted to rent all the seasons and watch them in one weekend to get caught up. It sounds intriguing.

    But as someone who has of yet never seen it, it is hilarous to read this post because I have no idea what in THE hell you're talking about. (chuckle)

    FROM STEPHANIE: I would, in a second, rent all the episodes and get caught up. Absolutely. It is THAT good. There is no smarter TV out there. You know, it's like a puzzle for adults. Where each time you watch you're trying to put pieces together and detective things out. It makes you think, and it surprises you.

  2. Reincarnation, I can buy that. I'm excited to learn more about Caesar. Why do I not want Sawyer and Kate together? Good to see Walt! Not so good for Abbadon. So is Ben really the bad guy? Widmore the good guy? Ben looked disturbed that Jin was alive. Locke drives me crazy with always doing Ben's bidding. Whew! What a great episode of Lost!

  3. I have not watched since season 1, so now I feel hopelessly behind. My favorite shows are Big Love and Breaking Bad. Do you watch either of those?

    FROM STEPHANIE: I am a big fan of Big Love and United States of Tara.

  4. We don't actually know what time the rest of the survivors ended up in yet – just that Jack, Kate and Hurley got pulled off the plane by the island before it went down. In fact, the plane landed (how cool is it that Lapidus LANDED the plane?)on the other island (Hydra) so it's possible that they all touched down in Dharma days only Jack, Kate and Hurley got pulled to the main island.

    And Ben killing Locke? I'm not sure why he did it but he seemed really shocked that Locke knew about Eloise Hawking.

    My theory is this: Charles Widmore and Eloise Hawking are brother and sister who are poised to engage in an epic battle for control of the island and Locke is their pawn in the power struggle. Ok, or maybe they were married but I really think it's a brother/sister thing and Daniel's father will turn out to be Richard Alpert or someone else we haven't considered.

    For some reason Eloise (Ellie) can't go back so she is using Ben as her proxy. And we know that Ben drove Charles off the island so he can't go back either so he's hoping to convince Locke to be his proxy. Ultimately, with both Ben and Locke going back to the island the stage is set for the "war" that Widmore mentioned to Locke.

    And then we've got Eloise's son, Daniel Faraday, who I think it's become pretty clear is the architect of the Lamp Post. I think we'll find out soon that he's also a key player in the Dharma initiative.

    This really is one of the greatest television shows of all time. I am going to be heartbroken when it ends next year but i can't wait to see how it all turns out.

  5. I haven't watched Lost since the season where they discovered the underground place.

    Another great show that follows the same type of situation is Damages on FX. It constantly rotates from the present, to the past, to the future, back to the present, etc.

    After each episode my husband and I just look at each other and say "wtf" just happened???

  6. I thought it was pretty clear that the reason Ben decided to kill Locke was that Locke refused to bring back Sun. With Locke dead, Ben would be able to convince Sun to come back, with the bait of Jin being alive. Ben isn't going to get held back from returning to the island by scrupulous morals, like John would.

    Is it bad that Ben is my favorite character? He's so deliciously evil!

    FROM SK: No, Ben was convincing Locke not to kill himself. He was willing to do anything to STOP Locke from killing himself. UNTIL Locke reveals that he has to go see Eloise Hawkings. Then Ben kills him.

    The only other thing I can think of, other than Ben freaking out about Eloise Hawkings, is that Ben knew that if John Locke tried to kill himself it might screw up the reincarnation process. OR, since Ben said to Micheal, when Michael had tried to kill himself, that "the island won't let you if it's not finished with you"– maybe Ben knew the only way for Locke to die was for him to kill him.

  7. For all that Lost is so detail-oriented, did it strike you that Walt and Locke met on the corner of 67th & 9th? Couldn't they get a fact-checker to let them know that the numbers stop on the UWS avenues above 59th? Other than that nitpick, which bothered me probably a little bit too much, I thought it was a stellar episode. Locke & Ben are the most amazing characters I've seen on television in years.

  8. You can also watch episodes online at I find myself doing this several times a week when I have a chance. You can start at the beginning if you need, or for those of us obsessed with the show, you can fact check or look for clues from past episodes. When I watched season two the first time, I thought it sucked. But now that I know more, I rewatched it and it wasn't so bad. Actually pretty good. The theory I'm focusing on today is that Ben is the doubting Thomas or the actual Thomas. Maybe Aaron is his baby and that is why Kate gave him up. Does Ben paint?

  9. I'm almost looking forward to the end of Lost because I just want to know the answers. I loved last night's episode though. Locke is so compelling when he swings back and forth between obsessive confidence and hopeless insecurity. I love how he never mentions to anyone that he was paralyzed before he crashed on the island. Terry O'Quinn is an amazing actor. Also he looks exactly like all the men in my dad's family. You could stick him into a family reunion and nobody would bat an eye.

    At the risk of sounding like a total geek, you really should check out Battlestar Galactica if you enjoy a good puzzle. Even if you don't like sci-fi, it is the best thing on TV right now. You have to give it a few episodes and look past the wacky religious overtones. Just my $.02.

  10. Lost kind of reminds me of that game "Myst" that everyone was into in the 90s but which I never got.

    FROM SK: Yes, I was a Myst girl. There was a point in college where I locked myself in my dorm and refused to surface until I solved the game. I spent all weekend on it.

  11. Good catch on the reincarnation thing. I can't stop getting the idea of Jacob's Ladder and the fact that jack's Dad/Jacob is named Christian. It definitely seems like there is a spiritual side to the mystery along with a scientific on. But who the heck knows?!

  12. I think Ben killed Locke when he did because Locke knowing about Mrs. Hawking showed that he knew too much, and could get the upper hand in the power struggle they are always having. Ben wants to contine to use Locke as a pawn so he had to kill him once he knew Ben was aware of Mrs. Hawking. I feel like Ben already knew about her and wasn't trying to get that info out of Locke. BUT it's LOST so who the F knows!! I'm addicted!

  13. My big question from this week's ep: EW's recap said Charles had been on the island for more than 30 years of his life (I didn't catch this… just know he was 17 and on the island in 1954). Does this mean Penny was born on the island?

  14. Of course, I've been reading your site for a while. Lurking… Officially coming out of de-lurking to say YES! ANOTHER LOSTIE!

    A few speculations:
    Locke = Jacob. Wouldn't that explain why he knows so much about the island and why we never saw Jacob's face when he was revealed moaning and groaning in the disappearing cabin?

    Locke = big dummy for always being the sucker; how many times do people have to attempt to kill you before you stop trusting them? Idiot!

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