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I was eating crazy sandwiches again. I will post the progress of this scrapbook, but I have to say, it’s taking more time than I’d thought. I know it doesn’t have to, but if I’m doing it, I can’t NOT do it. I’m not going to half-ass it. The writing part is easy, layouts and deciding on photos (even making sure to take the photos)… it’s work. Fun in the end, but not so much when I’m on deadline to write a pilot. Today the outline was approved, and I begin writing the script, which is due in two weeks. That’s right. Two weeks to write a pilot. In case anyone was wondering… So, here are some scrapbook photo images for a few days. I have more, but I’ll have to post them another time. I’m just excited to finally get started writing the pilot. I’m spending the weekend combing Straight Up and Dirty (the book) for good lines I simply MUST put in this pilot. If you have any particularly favorite lines from the book you think might translate to TV, don’t be shy… even if they’re dirty.

December 1: Addictions




December 2: Two Turtle Doves, a lost mitten, and polar bears seeing if they like each other. There’s writing inside the blue snowflake card, in particular about how Abigail tends to rip off her diaper first thing in the morning, with no mind at all for what earthly gift might be waiting inside.



December 3: I awoke with a migraine and thought I might die. Nothing a little garlic bread can’t fix. There are more details about these pages on my flickr page. It’s hard to see here, but one photo is of my writing process. Each scene is a post-it note, and they’re arranged into four rows. Each row is a different act. So I now know where all the act breaks happen and can visually follow different story lines by using different colored post-its, and or different color ink, etc. It’s so much easier than writing everything out in a word document because you can see things so easily, mixing and rearranging scenes to see what works best.



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  1. 'I wanted to verb his noun' was a good line. Not sure if it will transfer as well onto screen as it read on the page…just an idea.

  2. Oy. This just looks like so much work to me. I'm sure your children will have lovely memories thanks to you and your craftiness, but I must not have this gene — I look at this and think how much I'd rather just be hanging out with them and taking a bunch of photos that will end up in a big giant box for them to sift through. To each their own…

    FROM SK: The whole "I'd rather just be hanging out with them" thing isn't an option when they're napping. I only spend my time scrapping when they're asleep. And, it keeps me out of the kitchen!

  3. I have to say I agree with C.G. Looks like a lot of work. Heavily-stylized scrapbooking makes me wonder if the end product is for the moms or the kids? Not that one is preferable over the other, but I just wonder. The style of so much of what I see (scrapbooking in general, not you in particular) seems so trendy to me — like it will look very dated by the time our kids appreciate it. So, it seems like a lot of work when something simpler would do the same trick. I don't mean any of this in a rude way, I hope it doesn't come across that way. I just don't get the scrapbooking obsession. It's nice to preserve memories but why do they need so much embellishment?

    FROM SK: My first scrapbook was simple, and I love it, but it too took a lot of work. I like that one much better actually. I think it's definitely for the parent scrapping too. I mean, it's a hobby. It's arts and crafts. I do it when the kids are asleep. It keeps me busy while we watch TV, and it keeps me from mindlessly eating out of boredom. I enjoy doing it.

  4. Hey SK, are you planning on answering your questions? Or is that a done deal?

    FROM SK: The ones I haven't answered in the comment section I totally still plan on answering in posts. In fact, the product post is coming soon. There were some really good questions.

  5. Hey Stephanie – Just wanted to write to say hi, and to ask if it would be okay to send an email to you? We're freezing our patooties off here in Cincinnati, so it's a good time to sit at the computer and email…just doing things inside.

    Take care!

  6. Thanks for the response. As for it keeping you from eating out of boredom — on second thought, maybe I should try it!

  7. Oh, you must include the part about the guy taking you for sushi in Jersey – I laughed so hard I nearly peed. I read it quite a while ago, so I don't remember the exact wording – just that it was hilarious.

  8. As a scrapbooker myself I would like to comment on how beautiful this album is. Really, gorgeous.

    Whether it's a simple "pictures on a page" or an "over the top" scrapbook that you are putting together, scrapbooking IS a lot of work. It takes time, space, patience and sometimes, alot of cash.

    I for one, would have been disappointed if your scrapbook was of the "pictures on a page" variety. Stephanie, you're a talented girl and…. you make me want to be a better scrapper!

  9. Question – is it safe to assume that the pilot will be on around 10pm? I'm just wondering how "dirty" it can be.

  10. my all time favorite line so far (am about 200 pages into it and can't put it down) is the one about needing sex that you can "smell on your fingers and taste hours later"…..don't think it will make it to tv though, huh?

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