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Red20white20and20blue Peach, orange, and pomegranate flavors make up this layered shooter. The trick is pouring (floating) each one in order, slowly over a spoon.

  • 1/3 oz grenadine
  • 1/3 oz peach schnapps
  • 1/3 oz blue curaçao

Drinking game of the night: drink every time you hear the following, “Too close to call,” “Record Turnout,” or “Historic Election.”

Please drink, or at least vote, responsibly.

Gqfeature4v I pouted when McCain came up to the podium to give his concession speech, not because he lost, but because as he and Palin waved and gave their thumbs up to the crowd, I thought, “It sucks to lose. That has to be so hard.” It takes character to lose with grace, even when it’s expected and part of the job. It’s hard to feel rejection, or loss, or even failure, even if it was out of your hands, even if it had to do with factors beyond your own control. And then to let it go, to wake up the next day, and to simply go on… that’s what really makes any of us a success. And for the record, I voted for Obama.

*And to save you some time, here’s a photo of Rahm Emanuel.


  1. Looking at that makes me want to brush my tongue right now. I'll stick with my red wine (thought the fact that the wine is red is not a political statement, nature not really making blue wine outside of that WA Lemberger that has a blue/blueberry thing going on within its redness).

  2. Is it all over yet? Can I come out from under my bed. Has history been made?

    Are gas prices under two bucks?

    FROM SK: It's $2.13 some places here in Austin, and yes, history has been made

  3. We are TOTALLY ELATED! At bloody last, for fuck! Couldn't STAND that smug McCain and that clueless Palin, and most of all, NO MORE BUSH!! Ever, ever again!
    With love from
    sunny South Africa
    the home of our own Obama, Nelson Mandela.

  4. I know, I always feel so sad for the people who lose too, even if I wanted someone else to win in the first place. Baseball games kill me. I hate when they show the losing teams on TV. They look so sad.

  5. I voted for Obama and am thrilled about what his win says about who we want to become as a country. I feel hopeful and excited that we are finally moving toward the ideals this country was founded upon. However, like you, I really did empathize with John McCain last night. It was a classy speech and you can't deny that he really loves this country. From his glassy eyes to his unwavering respect for the people's decision, we got a glimpse of the "old McCain" (and I'm not talking about age!) Unfortunately for him, he really lost himself during this campaign and became a puppet of the superconservative base. If he'd stayed true to himself throughout, this election might have turned out differently. But I'm really glad it didn't. Thank you, America, for making the right choice! I'm proud of us!

  6. Being from Massachusetts, our governor, Deval Patrick, ran the same kind of campaign of "hope and change" (in fact, he and Obama are friends, and Obama used a lot of what worked for Patrick). Anyway, the shine is off the apple here in Mass., so enjoy it while you can. Reality will set in shortly. I'm sure Obama's a nice guy, but don't hold your breath waiting for everything you think will happen.

  7. It looks like a great drink to celebrate on this absolutely fabulous post election day. Thanks for the tip, now I must rush to the liquor store.

  8. I voted for Obama as well. I'm not thrilled about it, though. I used to be a republican, but the party got so sidetracked with their hyper-Christian nonsense that I eventually became embarrassed to associate myself with them. Sarah Palin was the last straw. I walked into the voting booth, took one look at her name on the ballot, and pulled the lever for Obama. I hope this sends a message to the republican party: low taxes good, ignorant-gay-hating-anti-womens-rights-BS bad.

  9. Hey Stephanie,

    Totally random question, but don't know who else to ask….I'm coming to Austin for a week next week. I'm wondering where to go to eat, shop, walk/run, etc. Can you help? I LOVE breakfast and am looking for super yummy breakfast options. And dinner, too. Where else to go? I will be right by 6th St and will also have a car. I'd love any suggestions.

    Thanks and can't wait to have my book club talk to you in January!!!

  10. My kids came to the polling place with me and saw me vote for Obama. Then they watched TV with me last night and saw him declared the winner. It was an amazing moment.

    However, we are sad here in CA that Proposition 8, the anti-gay marriage initiative, passed. Mean people suck.

  11. Not to open a day-old can of worms, but those of you who voted for McCain…what promising ideas did you think he had to offer? Just curious (not trying to be confrontational with this).

  12. "We'll see where voting based on emotion over common sense will lead"

    Since when are the two mutually exclusive? I wouldn't want to be part of a process that didn't have any emotion. Emotion sees people, not just numbers on a spreadsheet or commas in a paycheck. Emotion makes my representative fight. To act with dignity, grace, compassion, integrity. To lead with head AND heart. To be apologetic enough to want to repair the shit he fucks up.

    Common sense is not ridiculing real accomplishments. It's not refusing to admit your faults and covering up missteps with misinformation. Nor is it spending so much time tearing you down that I forget to build myself up.

  13. I voted for McCain. If Obama was chosen for his quality as a leader, then I welcome his victory. If he was chosen for the things he promised and won't be able to accomplish, I do not welcome his victory. If he was chosen for the color of his skin, as I've heard many people here in NYC say they voted for him as minorities because he was a minority, then I don't welcome his victory. If he was chosen because of the liberal media, then I don't welcome his victory.

  14. I just wonder that this blog is going to be political, but – why not?
    And I`m with Jenn: I`m proud of America – and I am German.

  15. "the liberal media" – are you serious carolina? american has one of the most conservative medias in the world (and i say this after living in countries with extreme censorship). and alison – what kind of common sense would lead a person to vote for an enraged older man who used to have great ideas until he realized his party would never nominate him if he continued on that path and an ill-informed unintelligent woman? who was nominated for the simple fact that she has a vagina? oh man – thank god our country finally had some sense! but don't get me started on prop 8….

  16. Oh but why did I even read the comments for this post! Why, why, why? No, I'm not going to let my curiosity kill my spirit today. It's a beautiful day in America, and the whole world rejoices with you.

    Dare I say it: God Bless America.

    With love,
    South African living in the US.

  17. I know you all possibly don't care, but the rest of the world is elated at this decision, and it goes a long way to restoring some of our lost faith in the US.

  18. Sez, as much as the last administration tried to make us lone cowboys, with their "don't mess with Texas" and "Bring it on" attitude, who didn't need any other country, many of us welcome the boost in global affection this has caused.

    To be totally cliched, no country is an island (okay, it's really no man is an island, but you get it) and if anyone with any smarts has learned anything, it's that we are all connected in some way or another. Having the good will of other nations is important as we try to rebuild our economy (we ARE borrowing money from others thanks to this record deficit), and figure out what to do about the TWO wars we are fighting, which are closer to them (our European friends) than us.

    Country first shouldn't mean we close ourselves off and not give a rats ass about our relationship with the rest of the world. Clearly that led to awesome results. Country first should mean pride in your country while realizing that we are all global citizens who need to work together and not try to stand alone in every single showdown. We need help, financially, with the war and in repairing our relationships with the rest of the world. I think we took a positive step. God help us if we had elected McCain and Palin. I feel for Alaska. A crook in the senate and an idiot in the governor's mansion. It's a shame.

    Our new President-Elect deserves our respect and support, not pouting in a corner like a child. Pouting never got me anywhere or anything. But I wasn't raised by parents who gave in easily, maybe some of you were. It's done, make the best of it and vote again in 4 years.

    Phew, I'm very political for 26.

  19. Sez and mommy2- I care. I care SO SO SO much, especially after volunteering hard for Kerry and being so disappointed. Whichever side you are on, you have to admit that this was a transformative election. My 2 year old son is going to grow up taking it for granted that anyone, regardless of color, socio-economic background, etc., can be elected president if they are qualified, and I think that's fantastic. As Miranda said, o brave new world.

  20. if nothing changes except how the rest of the world perceives you (the US), it would already be a huge improvement.

  21. I always wondered why you usually remain a-political on here. I guess maybe it would only alienate some people if you weren't.
    Anyway, I heard that 78% of us voted for Obama nationwide :)

    NY Jews for Obama <3

  22. I can't imagine it is really all that hard to go on when you own six houses and your family's net worth is more than the GNP of many countries. Money does not buy happiness, but it does buy security, which is much more than many people in this country can say they have right now.

  23. monkey girl, i completely agree with elgee! Juan in a million is amazing!! try auditirium shores/town lake to run and just be outside! Amayas taco village also for breakfast, The domain to shop/walk/eat, Zilker park for outside fun, Taverna for lunch/dinner outside, Stubbs for BBQ, Gumbos!!

  24. I am an Independent, registered and proud. If McCain of 2000 had run, I think I would have voted for him. Instead this uber Christian conservative patronizing old man McCain ran for office. I know he had to, the party wouldn't support someone who was so far from the past administration. By allowing himself to be talked into adding Palin he just looked even older and more patronizing "See, here's my hot young VP candidate, isn't she cute?" And Palin ended up burning him by going out on her own. He looked a fool. His concession speech was the first glimpse of the old McCain I'd seen in six years or so. And that McCain I like. But I wasn't going to vote for this McCain and the election was too important to vote Nader again.

  25. Alison: "We'll see where voting based on emotion over common sense will lead"

    So, you thinking supporting the Palin selection was common sense?? Did you know that right after that decision they lost a huge chunk of educated and intelligent women, who were rightly offended by her selection over other ridiculously qualified republican women. They appealed to the lowest common denominator of women and lost the most savvy in the process. Sorry, but the award for emotionally desperate decision-making falls to the McCain camp.

  26. Rahm is pretty hot! I've never seen a picture of his brother Ari, though. I wonder if it runs in the family. I'm off to google.

  27. I stood in line behind Rahm and his kids at a movie theater in Chicago once and I can thus certify that in person he is, yes, quite hot.

    Do you know that his brother Ari is the talent agent that inspired the Jeremy Piven character on "Entourage?" What a family!

  28. I honestly feel sad for the people who are angry Obama won. His whole victory and the significance is lost on them. His victory transcends politics. He was meant to be our leader and I have never felt more hopeful for our country.

  29. More political debate. Great. I don't know Rahm Emanuel, but damn, he's hot.

    Whoo. Just googled him. And DAMN. He's hot.

  30. Okay, I had no idea who Emanuel was (Paul Auster's second cousin?), but seems the comment count just went up. It's going to be a beautiful administration.

  31. Kelly and Renee, well said! I thought it was particularly hateful and short sighted to say "I hate Obama"on THE day after he won. Keep it to yourself, whatever that darkness is. McCain showed grace and I only wish his supporters could learn from that.

  32. Regarding my comment on emotion over common sense, I had no idea it was provocative in the least and am pretty surprised at the responses people made to it.

    Common sense will tell you that the programs Obama is proposing will not happen without a massive tax increase on the majority of us, particularly in today's shaky economic climate. That was primarily what I was thinking of when I commented.

    Regarding McCain's choice of Palin "because she has a vagina" and because she's attractive – give me a break. I feel sad for you if that's truly how you see it. Regarding her religious beliefs, she repeatedly said that she would never impose her religious beliefs onto anyone else. If you believe otherwise it may be because you're reading second- or third-hand reports. It is, in fact, very possible to hold strong values without trying to convert everyone, or insulting those who do not hold the same beliefs. People do it every day. Some of the comments left here are extremely judgmental and it's a little ironic that they're coming from people who are trying to appear tolerant and rational.

    I do not hate Obama, I just believe in smaller government, lower taxes and personal freedoms over government mandates. If McCain had taken us one baby step towards that goal, then I would've been happy. Both candidates have serious flaws, no doubt. But I still think it is unwise to vote based on feelings (ie the idea of "hope" and "change") if the policy under those feelings is unrealistic.

  33. Alison

    Just wondering, when is the last time you felt "hopeful" about our country? Think long and hard about that before you criticize. I never thought I would see so many people in our world, not just our country, be so happy and joyful. Did you not see the dancing in the streets in Africa, Indonesia and France? How do you account for that?

    As far as the whole argument about higher taxes, I am so sick of hearing about that. It s not a good argument when Bush has sent us into a trillion dollar deficit. Who do you think is going to pay for that? We are, as well as our children.

    You are one of the people I feel sad for that the whole victory is lost on.

  34. I like Obama. I'm a little apprehensive about Emanuel as a Chief of Staff. He was on the board of Freddie Mac when shit hit the fan for starters. He had dual citizenship (he's from Israel) and he's super pro Israel. I don't think he's hot at all. Buggy eyes.

  35. Alison,

    Give US a break… Yes, Sarah Palin was *absolutely* chosen because she has a vagina and is attractive. You may not like the wording of that statement, but are you going to sit there and say that she was the most qualified Republican for the job of VP? Even if the Repubs were dead-set on choosing a woman, aren't there hundreds, if not thousands of Republican women out there who are *far* more qualified, but perhaps not quite as "saleable"?

    It's plainly obvious that her selection (which McCain seemingly opposed) was a clear and short-sighted Republican ploy to: a) energize and solidify the far-right "base" that were highly skeptical of McCain and b) steal votes from disaffected Hillary supporters. And it worked for about 5 minutes, until she opened her mouth, unscripted.

    Palin's grasp of national and international issues was embarrassing and tragic, and her inability to actually complete a thought without rambling and non sequiturs made Bush look like an articulate genius.

    We've had an ignorant, narrow minded ideologue in the White House for 8 years, and we've seen where that has landed us. Sarah Palin shouldn't even be allowed to *say* "White House", much less be in line for becoming its primary resident. If I were a Republican, I would have been insulted by her choice.

    Oh, and to your statement that you value personal freedoms, wouldn't you agree the last 8 years have been disastrous for civil liberties? If anything, I'd imagine President Obama would look to increase personal freedom, rather than curtail it.

    I can't believe I just made a political post on Stephanie's blog… Back to lurk mode…

  36. Alison-
    I just wanted to say I totally agree with you and think that you stated your case more eloquently and rationally then most that responded to you.

    Less government involvement would make our country a better place. Who is the government to tell you who you can love, what to do with your money, whether you can carry a gun or what to believe?

    For those who believe that raising taxes would get rid of national debt, should look at our country's history and see if that is true. IT"S NOT! More taxes does not make deficits go away, less government spending on taking care of everyone's problems will (Ex. If you are stupid enough to buy a house you cannot afford the government does not need to bail you out, you made your bed, now lie in it!) Higher taxes simple make people want to work and achieve less, not more!

    Goobama- Are you kidding me????? Do you not watch TV????? If you watched Good Morning American, Today, CNN, or Oprah for even 10 minutes you would see a liberal message being pushed at the viewers. Where do you think most of these poster who are attacking Palin get their information from?

    Katie & an other Jewish posters- Are you aware that Obama is against Israel? And for those who don't support Israel are you aware the it represents the frontline of democracy and if it fails to exist the democratic way of life that most American's take for granted would be in jeopardy!

    I hope that during the next four years that this country does not go down a road that causes the country to regret there decision made on November 4th, regardless of the motive they had to vote for our President Elect Obama. God Bless America!

    SK- You are a great writer and I appreciate that you are human too. Thank you for waiting to share your choice in president so not to promote your beliefs on to others. I wish that more celebrities ( yes, I think that you are one) would do the same.

  37. Jen-

    I got my information about Palin from a nice little activity I like to call reading. It didn't take me long to ascertain that she was, and remains, a dangerous and shallow minded threat to this country. Her world view is unbelievably myopic. She is not smart, nor well-read. She is not well-educated. She is savvy and intellectually NOT curious – a dangerous combination. She'd impose her beliefs on you in a hot minute if given the opportunity.

    As for Obama being against Israel, it's clear you watch too much Fox News. That is entirely not true.

    as for…"Who is the government to tell you who you can love, what to do with your money, whether you can carry a gun or what to believe?"…if McCain/Palin had been elected, you could kiss any of the personal freedoms you enjoy goodbye, including autonomy over your own reproductive system. Roe v. Wade would have been overturned. Gay people would NEVER have seen civil unions. We've had huge government for the past eight years. Bigger than it had ever been.

    Obama is a smart and decent man, above his race or political party. I believe he will improve America's steed in the world. The world has given us a second chance to redeem ourselves for the torture of its citizens, the bombing of their countries, and for helping to collapse their economies. We are very lucky, indeed. Think bigger than your own fucking pocketbook. I'd rather pay out the nose in taxes than have a wacko right wing party in power. At least my tax dollars will go to things like healthcare and social programs than war and oppression of the poor and the sick.

  38. Jen, you sound like Joe the Plumber. And NO, that is NOT a compliment. Obama against Israel? That is an offensive and dangerous thing to say. And what the heck does it even mean to be "against Israel?" No one with half a political brain in this country is "against Israel." Christ. And by the way, the attacks against Palin are coming these days from members of the MCCAIN CAMPAIGN, and being reported on by FOX NEWS.
    Look, it's fine that you're a Republican. Seriously. No one takes issue with your right to adhere to a political philosophy. But stop with the slanderous attacks and thoughtless, right-wing talking points. Thank you.

  39. WOW! There seem to be a lot intellectual snobbery around here!

    Inflammatory Wit- FYI I am pro-choice and am not against civil unions. Just because the president believes a certain way does not allow them to change the laws, hence the existence of the Congress, Senate and Supreme Court. I never made a personal attack against Obama, not did I say that Palin was a perfect candidate. I just did not vote for him and voted for her. Also, I am sorry you feel that America tortures, bombs and purposely hurts the other citizens in the world. You sound like you are embarrassed to be an American maybe you should go live elsewhere for a while and see how you like it there.

    Noisette- FYI I am not a Republican. I am a Libertarian. You may need to look that up. There are many people who are pro-Palestinian, which would make one assume that they are anti-Israel. It sounded like you needed some clarification. Thank you!

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