giving thanks for leggings

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Butternut Squash Crab Bisque

Butter Herbed Roast Turkey
Giblet Gravy
Strawberry Cranberry Compote
Pecan Sausage Stuffing
Candied Sweet Potatoes
Steamed Green Beans
Creamed Spinach

Pumpkin Souffles & Apple Pie

What I’m most thankful for: a day off with my family, a working fireplace, my grandmother’s china, our health (even if I am sick with an inability to taste anything, and even if Abigail has ‘rhea), and those radio stations that play all-day, every-day Christmas music. For socks and NICU nurses, for a roof over our heads, and the invention of Spanx. I’m thankful for caring supervisors and people who stand up on your behalf, for the friends who don’t hold grudges, for Afrin and Miracle on 34th Street, for chance, and second chances, and for the kind of love that’s there win or lose. For a warm home and hard-working parents who provide, for education, and patience. For pan juices, champagne flutes, and pay checks. For wrap dresses, pinking shears, and pies cooling on windowsills. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


  1. i hope your grandmother's china is kept out of wingspan of your kids. my 2-year-olds are not that refined (my grandmother's china is locked in a china cabinet). maybe next year. or the year after. or the year after.

  2. I'm thankful for writers like you who pepper my everyday with laughter. Thank you for being you. Happy Thanksgiving to your whole Fam Dam!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Day Stephanie.
    I'm interesting on your butter herbed roast turkey, please can you give me the recipe?

  4. I've read your blog for a couple years, now. Thank you for being genuine, generous, and giving. I don't know how you get it all done. The kids, the husband, the blog, the books, the meetings, the upcoming TV show, etc. Again, thank you for sharing and inspiring.

  5. This is such a nice, simple post. I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful. Here's to Spanx.

    And please, pretty please Stephanie – from one foodie to another – would you please share your butternut squash crab bisque recipe? Butternut squash and crab are two of my favorite foods. I'd slip you cash if I would ever see you in person.

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