cat and mouse games

Home from Denver just in time to catch my cat catching my mouse.

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Abigail refused to wear her cat ears by either ripping them off her head, wailing, or by throwing herself to the ground, just lying there. If only "just lying there" got us all out of things we didn’t want to do.



  1. They're gorgeous! And growing up so fast.

    I can still remember the day they were born as I took care of them in the NICU that night. How fast time flies! Just precious!

  2. Abigail is just beautiful! Your kids keep getting cuter. I cannot believe how big they seem now. On the plus side it was really nice weather here yesterday so it was good weather for the kids to be out doing things for Halloween.


    As a long-time reader, I feel like it was just yesterday that you were touring for SUAD and were just about to have the beans. Now, they are HUGE! Gorgeous children, Stephanie. Pass my compliments to Phil as well.

    Look at those happy toddlers. You've come a long way.

  4. Oh, Stephanie, they're beautiful! They've gotten so big, and they really seem so happy together. Abigail looks like a true red head. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Where do Abi's blue- grey eyes come from? Does Phil have such eyes.Maybe its further back. My DH and I both have browm eyse but two sons had blue, and green eyes. This cannot happen in reverse, something to do with recessiveness in genes for eye colour, so if two blue eyed people are producing a child, it cannot have brown eyes. I remember being told that once, but it would bear checking out. Occasionally the observant may notice evidence of infidelity in a family thus. [Shhhhh! Never mention it, Pandora's box!

    his is my first post, but I've been adoring you for 3 years. Hug, Baby, You are doing so well. [I'm 65, so you feel like a daughter tome, I never had one. Px

  6. I can't believe how big they are. Beautiful children. Pictures of them make me smile.

  7. Dang, are those cute kids! I'm not usually a "cute photo of kids" person but they are adorable.

  8. Hi Stephanie,

    Just finished "Moose", it was a very good read!!
    I could relate to lots of things and feelings. It was a bit like snooping into your diary, I liked how open and willingly you told your story to your readers. You have a wonderful style. Although I've never been to that camp, I could visualize each detail, you desribed it so well that I felt I was there with you somewhere, watching you from the sidelines, being with you at lunch, at the swimmingpool, silently witnessing you and your story unfolding itself.

    As a child, I was shouted at, laughed at, being called "fat", "stupid" or "slow". I remember spending lots of my school breaks alone and sad.

    So glad though that I am now way more confident, but sometimes when I see people sniggering or looking at me in a weird way, the old shameful feelings come up and I always somehow think people are laughing about me.

    Looking at the pictures of your cute twins, I am really happy for you that everything turned out so good for you at last.

    I hope I will find my own "suitor" soon :-).

    Wishing you all the best

  9. Wait – hold up. When did they get so big, and with so much hair? Holy crap. Wow. I miss a few months and they are now toddlers, not babies.

    They are beautiful, Stephanie. Wow.

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