business in the front, party in the back

Bertmug_klAbigail has a mullet. Poor thing just has the thinnest hair ever. She rips out anything I pin on, and if she doesn’t, Luke does. That’s right, Luke. I call them all sorts of things: Abby, Abigail, Abs of Steel. Lucas, Luke Face, Leukerbad.Despite what I call them, they respond with a smile or with the "Bert is Evil" face.

Abigail’s eyebrows slant, her little nose scrunches up, and she huffs. And I LOVE IT LIKE I LOVE COFFEE TABLE COOKBOOKS. I love that she gives me ‘tude and has begun to nest. I’ll set out a bunch of toys all over the living room, and Kind Sir explores, mostly chasing after a ball (he’s obsessed with any type of ball), while Little Miss collects the toys, as many as she can carry, and deposits them in the toy bin. She’s at the point where she needs a purse. I can tell. She wants to collect and carry things. It makes her feel responsible, or older. It’s interesting how of all the toys, she grabs the dolls and calls them baby, while Lucas goes after books and balls. He examines the safety gate, in particular the nails keeping the latch mounted on the wall, then grips the bars, rocking them with the fervor of a chimp in heat, stopping to see if the nails have come free. And they have. He smiles and realizes exactly what it takes to open the gates. I have two words for you little man: wood glue.


I’m taking the mullet into my own hands, and to make up for snipping off all her long curls, I’ll buy her a purse.



  1. I wonder if they both go for different toys like that because of "nature," or if they see you (and your nanny) as females taking care of them more, and Phil more fixing things around the house?

    FROM SK: "see Phil fixing things around the house"… hahahahahahahahaha! NEVER. It's definitely a nature thing.

  2. Love that snarl! It's like she's saying, "I dare you to chop the mullet."

    There was a movie–Daddy Day Camp I think–one of the characters described his mullet–"Business in the front, party in the back!"

  3. Oh my gracious! That is the most wonderful face ever! She definitely needs a purse. Throw in a mirror and a comb so that she may comb her mullet. She is an absolute doll!

  4. Oh – a luscious post today – thanks for the darling picture of the baby and sharing of their age/stage.

    I gave my children names they could be rule the world with – now, they're reduced to boo, loo, abe, deeds, or various grunts or whistles – but at least they're all here safe and strong.

  5. Adorable! They are growing so fast! More pictures, please!
    My little guy (!) loves purses! He "borrows" mine, puts his plastic phone inside, and pretends he is going to the bank.

  6. hahahaha aww that picture is priceless!
    I babysit twins when I'm not in school and you're sooo right. I'm amazed how the boy is obsessed with balls…he even sees allium flowers on our walk in the park and he just chants: ball, ball, ball, ball. While the girl grabs the doll and says "baby" and gives her baby water and wants to change the baby's diaper.

  7. Oh my goodness, this is so sweet, to be able to read about them growing up. And Abigail looks so much older already! Maybe it's the attitude that she's wearing on her face?

  8. At least you can see that she has a mullet! My oldest baby is 10 and I look back at the floods of pictures that I have of her wobbler stage and OHMYGOD she had a mullet and I didn't even know it. Bad mommy. Bad.

    I HATE that I couldn't make it to either of your Austin signings, and I'm only and hour-and-a-half away! I loved Moose, can't wait to re-read it, and I've been giving it out as gifts.

  9. my almost 2 year old had a mullet and super fine hair and I just got it cut. I was super nervous she would look like a boy after the curles got cut but she short 'do' in the back winged up so it all worked out. and yes, the purse does help!

  10. ohhh my, great post today! Was wondering how the rugrats were doing these days. Answer-fabulous :)
    I too, love the new category title Raising hops into beers..heh…thats a book title right there!

  11. My oldest (now 8 let's talk about attitude) had a mullet when she was small. I blame her 1st ever haridresser. For some reason she wanted her bans to start at the top of her head. That was NO FUN to grow out!

  12. Everyone always wants to think that girl and boys act the way they do because of the external influences and their environment. HA!!! they are just wired differently. My daughter had a natural affinity for Barbie and girlie stuff that just did not come from me – But that's how she was wired, so of course, we relented.

  13. She's just adorable! When my daughter was a toddler, she sported the Christopher Robin look, and on one memorable occasion, I decided to trim her bangs. We were in a hurry, and I figured "how hard could it be?" I like to call the result "recent prefrontal lobotomy toddler." Yes, cutting hair is hard. That's why we pay people to do it.

  14. I haven't commented in a long long time, but i read everything you write. Abby is getting so grown up so quickly. They both will be entering the "I can do it myself" stage soon and it's sooooo much fun! Espically when you have an appointment and are running late. As a former thin-fizzy headead child who's mother and grandma made her look like a boy for the first 4 years of her life, please don't keep her hair short all the time, layer it and let it grow. I could show you horrific pictures of yours truely where I REALLY look like a little boy. My son's have even said "Mom who's the little boy in that picture?" That's your mother =D

  15. my little girl has a mullet too. it must be the signature hairstyle of a 19-month-old. i wish i would have never cut her bangs but she won't keep any accessories in her hair. so it was either metal rocker hair in face. or mullet with bangs. wait, maybe that's the same thing.

    FROM SK: I couldn't live with the mullet any longer. I cut off a good three inches of hair. Now it's a pixie cut, right? Soooo much better. From now on, I hope to have her grow it out, in stages, with help from the professionals. She doesn't have a full enough head of hair for anything to be considered bangs right now. It's just the way it grows. I must take more photos! Great seeing you not that long ago, however briefly.

  16. My daughter weighed exactly three pounds when she was born, but had so much attitude a NICU nurse said, "She's such a Zsa." (Meaning, like Zsa Zsa Gabor.) At seven, she is five pounds of hair and 40 more of attitude — and we call her Zsa, never her real name. Last week she called her father a "dumbass" for insisting that she use soap in the shower. I'm afraid to tell you, Stephanie, it only gets more, ah, challenging with these little girls!

  17. Oh, she is just too precious!! I have twins who are almost three years old. My son will try and jam a peg into a square cut-out on his cobbler bench, while my daughter sits back and "thinks" about it before she attempts to make it fit. Kind of shows us how different baby boys and baby girls REALLY are! I wish I lived closer so Abigail and Lucas could have a playdate with my Easton and Evan!

  18. " I love that she gives me 'tude "

    *gasp* Oh dear Stephanie…you will rue the day! ;)

    She is ridiculously adorable. I cant wait to see what she looks like with long red curls. Im jealous.
    Look forward to new pics or video of them *hint hint*
    and I just read your recent post and since I couldnt comment and yet know how important my comments are to you :P Ive always been a nipple pincher b/c I cant help it. I used to call my ex's "hershey kisses" because they just puckered out at me wanting to be squeezed.
    He hated it and slapped my ass, well, my hip because I had turned so hard it left a swollen handprint. I was pissed too. But I knew he didnt mean anything by it, sometimes you just gotta let it roll, Stephanie, especially when you're horsing around…in bed.

    *tit slap*

  19. um…kind of a gross pic – the face is cute but the food around the mouth? not so much.

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