I remember when two of your friends touched me on the shoulder.  One of them was holding a hat in a gloved hand.  They said you spoke of me often, that you loved me so much.  I was surprised to hear them say it, “love” without pause.  I remember the look in their eyes; it looked like sorrow, and I couldn’t thank them by name.  Somehow the memory is tinted blue and smells like a handkerchief in a small girl’s satin drawstring purse.  Like bubblegum and salt.

I remember how you loved me; I saw it in your hands and see it in mine now.  It’s cream like the sofa. 

I loved that you were proud of me before I ever knew to be.  I wish you were here to hold me now.  You’d be thrilled I called, and after you hung up the receiver, you’d smile and rub your earlobe with your thumb.

When I remember us, I remember cake, and how you always halved my slice for yourself.  I think you bought me clothes.  If you were here, I’d tell you I’m worried. 



  1. Did everyone catch that superfecta payout at the Kentucky Derby? $1.7 MILLION! Who needs love when you've got horse sense!



    You want to know why stuff is so fucked up in this world?

    Let me tell you

    Its because people need to stop being so bloody sad all the fucking time, they need to pick their balls up off the floor and DO SOME SHIT. STOP CRYING, THINK AND DO SOMETHING WORTHWHILE WITH YOUR LIFE. Who knows when you might die? If for some unkown reason, after your dead you can look back on your life in the form of a ghost, frog or possibly a zombie at least you could look back and say "I did some good shit"

    By the way since I was forced to give a URL, I've given a link to a funny site. Though judging from what I have seen here you will either A) Cry or B)Say about how "politcally incorrect" the site is. Political correctness has fucked up everything, it is the ultimate form of bullshit.

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