is this thing on?

An instant message conversation with a friend who was obviously away from his desk:

RedDiva2ooo: hey
RedDiva2ooo: sorry to bother you YET again
RedDiva2ooo: I need that cingular info again
RedDiva2ooo: I don’t think they have the blackberry phone
RedDiva2ooo: and that sucks
RedDiva2ooo: cause that’s what I want
RedDiva2ooo: I need something I can fit into the front of my jean pocket incase I go sans purse
RedDiva2ooo: or actually as I now like to say, "hand bag"
RedDiva2ooo: better than "pocket book" or "purse"
RedDiva2ooo: when I think of purse I think of this fat lady carol from my figure drawing class
RedDiva2ooo: her vagina looked like a change purse
RedDiva2ooo: good talk



  1. did you type that all at once? or was it over 10 minutes? i hate when people don't put their away message on when they aren't there.

  2. I'm sure your friend had a good laugh at your behalf, or dumped holy water on their monitor.

  3. True story. Dad used to work in the women's fashion industry. He'd always insist we say 'hand bag' in lieu of purse or pocket book.

  4. It'd be too wierd though, if the change purse/clutch/pocket book vagina had a zipper to keep things from falling out. Perhaps YKK?

  5. Maybe it is an English (..or Aussie) thing.. for me, a purse is my wallet, handbag is what I put my purse in… and well.. is a pocketbook like a filofax thingy?

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