thank you

I can’t speak.  Okay, well I can speak, but I sound like Kathleen Turner.  “You should re-record all your outgoing messages while you’ve got this.”  There’s something seexy about a woman with a deep voice, well as long as it’s not deep smoker old lady voice asking for a sandwich on rye. 



The best part of the reading last night wasn’t reading; it was watching.  Seeing faces of familiar, hearing the gentle laugh of a close friend lift, seeing happy eyes, like crescents, and feeling the warmth in their thanks.  Thank you to my friends in the front, the stragglers in the back who could only hear me, to my fellow writers, to my blog voyeurs who took the risk at a hello, and to the friends of mine who have become my family.  It made all the crap I get worth it, and I’d shout a big thank you out there, but I already told you… I can’t speak.




View the photos (I didn’t take them… until the end)  All I can say is, oh my God, I hate that thing my eyebrows do when I talk or laugh.  It’s so embarrassing.



  1. I didn't think Stephanie sounded particularly hoarse, but then, I don't know what she normally sounds like. Anyway it was very cool to meet her in person — the IJC is right about the hair. It made for an enjoyable evening and was a fascinating reading — I finally got to learn the "censored" part of Stephanie's cab story!

  2. Knowing nobody personally but having enjoyed Stephanie's blog for a while so I decided to pop in to KGB and catch her reading. It was packed to overflowing and all three readings were enjoyable.

    So, speaking as one of your blog voyeurs, last night you were wonderful. Having the voice to go with your words somehow makes them more your own.

    I look forward to the book…


  3. Glad the reading was so well recieved!

    I too came down with the voice-loss thang this weekend and was compared to Kathleen Turner.

  4. It would have been the perfect opportunity to sing "Betty Davis Eyes" but I digress.

  5. Yaayy, you put some pics up. You looked great as always! Were you nervous to read your own stuff in front of all those people?

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