court bouillon

Belle_fleur“Steph, he sent 2 dozen roses to the office.” She is whispering; I would be shouting.

“We love him. Don’t you just love him?” I nearly squeal for her.

“Well, I’m beginning to think. This is crazy.” I know she’s smiling, even though we’re on the phone.

“No, it’s not crazy; it’s courting.”

“And he sent the cutest card.”

“Ah, the card. I love when they do this. You’re a lucky girl. The only court I get comes in a bouillon cube.”

(If you’re going to send flowers, send ones that look like this.  Okay, okay, send anything you want… beggars can’t be choosers.)



  1. Women who like getting flowers at work and the men who are tasteless enough to send them definitely deserve one another. If it were even half real, it wouldn't need to be played out in front of a crowd for approval. But what's lusted after here, I believe, are gestures that validate ones market worth, not anything to do with love.

  2. By sending flowers to the office, she becomes the envy of every woman. Why wouldn't you want that for her? Every woman enjoys that so much more…you get even more bonus points is when you show up and deliver them yourself.

    Plus, sending flowers to the office also shows that you do not have any issues with public displays of affection and also shows everyone how he feels about her.

  3. I don't know…a tough one. I'm somewhere in between Joe and Tom. Of course, once again, we're overanalyzing shite to death.

    I'd like to know where I can get some of those cranky meds, though.

  4. Stephanie,
    A friend of mine told me about your blog claiming you are an increadible writer- and I could not agree more. I am not a big reader, so when I do read, it better keep me interested. Your writing is so creative, it really kept my attention! And isn't that what a writer's objective is?
    You have a new fan…

  5. stephanie
    lay off the blogging about your bush and doo-doo, and you, too may get flowers from a nice gentlemen. you may be impressing the literary world when it comes to the 'shock' value of your writing, but putting that stuff on display is a turn-off.

  6. Most women like to get flowers delivered to her at the office. It says a lot about a man who takes a few minutes of his time just to make her smile. It says he's thinking of her. What's wrong with that?

    If a man wants to send flowers, but can't afford to and says so, that's honorable. If a man… oh, let's say his name is Joe (pointing up), claims it's tasteless, it really means he's a cheap bonehead.

    At my level of experience, I know this to be true. I'm also co-author of the book.

  7. I get the feeling Ms. S puts this out there and gets a kick out of watching all of us go back and forth like elementary kids on the playground.

    I can hear her now: "It's a fucking court boillon post ye mo-mos!"

  8. I get the feeling Ms. S puts this out there and gets a kick out of watching all of us go back and forth like elementary kids on the playground.

    I can hear her now: "It's a fucking court bouillon post ye mo-mos!"

  9. What just happened? Anyway…boUillon is what I meant.

    Ms. S…I'm thinking we will soon have to dis-robe TSA style, in order to post.

  10. Having flowers, candies, a small gift delivered at her work shows that you are thinking of her and are not afraid to let others know. Hell, if a guy just unexpectedly swings by with a lone rose right before her lunch hour with lunch in hand its still a showing of class and romance. Anyone that thinks that people don't appreciate both of those forgotten qualities is foolish and jealous.

  11. The purpose of sending flowers is to make the woman feel special. If she feels more special because they went to the office and made her co-workers jealous, she's not the woman for me (or for Joe, I'd guess).

    That's not cranky; it's just a question of who I'm looking for. I want someone who likes how I make her feel, not how I make her co-workers feel.

  12. i want to make a joke about how giving c__k shows you care, but that would be completely inappropriate for this blog. Unlike Joe, others should not have to suffer from my lack of getting laid or social skills.

  13. Wow! I feel like such a cad after reading these postings. I don't expect my partner to send flowers but enjoy receiving them home, work, wherever. Was I so innocent to think it meant he was thinking of me & wanted me to know it & relish the feelings? So what of a man who enjoys, almost insists on holding your hand in public? Are we to be suspect of that also?

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