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Would it kill Diane Keaton to wear a dress?  I don’t think I’m asking for too much here.  Isn’t there some person who can tell her what to do?  Clearly winning "worst dressed" year after year isn’t any type of fire under her ass.  Can’t she hire someone to whisper these things to her? Clearly her friends and family are of no use.  Sure they give her support when she gets bad reviews, but are they there when it counts?  Are they there for her in her time of fashion seppuku?  I think not. 



  1. I like Diane's quirkiness and her ability to 'march to the beat of her own drummer'…I say kudos to her…and hers was the BEST and most enthusiastic announcing of an award I've heard in a great while…la di da…

  2. The thing is… almost all women LOVE Diane Keaton. LOVE!!! I mean, I still crave a life in Vermont with a preppy baseball capped man in a barn jacket because of Baby Boom. And don't get me started on Something's Gotta Give. I think I know it by heart… Annie Hall, sure, and some movie about her in a room… well, no, that was weird. The point is… we LOVE her, just as she is… EXCEPT those clothes. She looked like a waiter with a pearl stuck on her throat. Tragic.

  3. Stephanie, I just spayed my computer screen with the tea that was previously in my mouth…thank you very much! That was uproarously funny to me, what you just wrote…but call me crazy, still, I think she looked fabulous.

    Why not make fun of Nicholette Sheridan's bad-botched eye job…she looks alien to me!

  4. Stephanie, I just spayed my computer screen with the tea that was previously in my mouth…thank you very much! That was uproarously funny to me, what you just wrote…but call me crazy, still, I think she looked fabulous.

    Why not make fun of Nicholette Sheridan's bad-botched eye job…she looks alien to me!

  5. I haven't been keeping up to date with Diane Keaton, but those blazers and blouses are reminiscent of Annie Hall. It just seems to me she's milking AH fashions in the 21st century. How pathetic can she get? Nicolette Sheridan is butt ugly and reminds me of something that crawled out from under a rock. Does anyone else think she needed her roots done? Maybe it's just me.

    While I'm on the housewives subject, Eva Longoria has big teeth which protrude, but her big lips cover them up… except when she laughs. How attractive.

  6. I KNOW!!! I like Diane Keaton but she looks the same at every event. She is always wearing mens clothing!! Maybe every now and again you can get away with that but come on….would it kill her to put on a normal dress??

  7. Um, I thought that Annie Hall was based on Diane Keaton, so that would mean that she's milking her own style from years before. I don't see what the big deal is… I think that she'd look nice if she wore a dress every once in awhile, but it's really up to her. I respect the fact that she doesn't wear dresses just to please an audience.

  8. Why do you even care what she's wearing? If she's happy with it, why are you judging her over something as silly as her dress. If she was killing puppies or molesting children, that would be something to worry about. Oh yeah, what's Joan Rivers doing telling people how to dress.

  9. All this, and no one mentioned how weak she is as an actress. It must be killer, at this stage in her career, for people to be talking about how she DRESSES instead of how she handles her "craft."

    The scene in Godfather II: "It was an abortion, Michael, an ABORTION…"
    Ugh! Horrible acting. Not even Coppolla could get a good performance out of her. That's right there on par with Shelly DuVal in "The Shining."

    The horror, the horror…the mediocrity, the mediocrity.

  10. All this back and forth about Diane Keaton and everyone is skipping the real issue here – that Stephanie could care less about receiving oral sex. She says it's okay for "variety" but sounds like she can take it or leave it. I am a female and I'll say it's the first time I have heard another female say she this. I am curious because you seem to have a healthy sexual appetite and expect that in return from the men you date. I for one, simply could not LIVE without it and know that 99.9% of my female friends would say the same. We'd like to hear some more on this subject. I know it's a personal thing, but since you put it out there, I guess it's fair game for a topic dujour.

  11. She was, after all, Annie Hall and so I’d somewhat forgive for the granny boots and bizarre tinted rectangular shades. She was like the dorky Not-All-There distant aunt from florida: Aw, she's just a bit kooky! She doesn't know what she's doing! She may not even need to wear a dress yet!

    But I agree, now its bordering on ridiculous. All white/black outfits, maybe; Sears men suits, no.

  12. I like that she doesn't buy into all the hype of hollywood and maintains her own sense of style. I also think she looks great for a woman of her age. Stephanie, and you look great for a woman in her mid/late 30'S! Keep writing.

  13. Mid/late 30's??? Stephanie is not mid to late 30's. Do some archive reading babe.

  14. Oh ! Then for a woman in her 40's she really looks stupendous! I love your writing. Keep it up!

  15. Ok…another tangent here. I never understood why women SUBTRACT from their age instead of ADD. Is it a question of the psychological vs. physical issue inside mens' heads? In other words, would a man think: "shite, she's mid 40s, and even though she looks fantastic…she's in her mid 40s." Or would he think: "shite, she's late 20s, but looks like complete crap…still, she's in her mid 20s"


  16. Looking at all those pictures of females dressed up for the GG's made me feel almost gay. They all looked nasty. Each year it gets harder and harder to buy that any of those people have any sort of elegance. Especially the putrid Natalie Portman who looked like a incompetent maid.

  17. I'm with Rachel.. let's get back to the oral sex thing. LOL I have to say that I relate to wanting the 'pressure and plunge of a hand' instead. Can I tell you the amount of times that my boyfriend has come back up to the surface, steamy, gasping, exhausted…..and I'm like "oh, that was nice". LOL He wants a trophy or at least some "When Harry Met Sally" screaming, and I'm like "pat pat pat" on his head, thinking, "now what? i wish he had just climbed ontop instead". It's not that he's not good at it. I've had enough to know that he's probably the best I've had. It's just the practice itself simply focuses on clitoral stimulation… and that's not the most intense kind of orgasm to have. Uteran orgasms affect more nerve endings and parts of the female system; I think that's a fact.

  18. Rachel…I agree that people missed that. It is kind of weird that everyone is focusing on Diane Keaton rather than that.

  19. I don't like when guys "go down," either. In my case I have better orgasms by myself. I think that more than 1% of the female population agrees with me. However, since guys seem to control much of what is accepted as the "correct" female response to oral stimulation, many women will claim to love it even though they don't.

  20. interesting…remind him to keep his hands off the globes and let him understand that you will certainly make him pay a price for past handling. Guys like him don't learn the easy way, and the sisterhood relies on your being didactic without being overly instructive so that he'll be better prepared…just make an example out of him…don't instruct him

  21. I think "Robyn" is right. Diane does "march to the beat of her own drum." And shouldn't we all? I don't think there is a standard for every woman. We are all too different to say what works for one will work for the other.

    And that goes for the oral stuff too….

    I used to be one of those woman that wasn't into oral sex and never had an "oral orgasm." Until I met my current man. So, I remain completely sexually open-minded, because ya never know.

  22. "But, he, like all men, says, "well that's because you haven't had it done right."

    *all* men, you say.
    woman of the world and all that,i suspect.

    not only not been laid in a while,
    but apparently never well.

    perhaps you don't inspire your partners much.

    who loses?

    -a friend

  23. In my younger days, I had many a partner try giving me oral sex to no avail. Much the same way you ladies describe and nothing. But then, I dated a man who DID know exactly what to do and it changed everything. So I have to admit that I agree with the male thinking on this one. Maybe you just haven't been with the most knowledable partners in that area of expertise. But let me tell you when you do find one, I'm not only talking intense, I'm talking multiple orgasms. There is nothing like it especially when they use their tongue and hand at the same time. Just don't rule it out ladies, that's all I'm saying…you'd be doing yourself and women all over the world a disservice. Sadly, that relatinship didn't work out…but now I know what to teach the next one..

  24. on the sex note.

    Im not a big fan of oral either. Its not that great (although I have been known to enjoy it sometimes, its more like a warm up), and you cant even kiss them afterwards. Hell I only let men do it because they always seem to like it more than me.

  25. Kudos Rach. Sorry Robo. Do we really care about DK or SK? Well, everyone knows my preference. AND, I actually learned something new about her. I don't think I've ever heard a female say they don't like it. Very interesting.

  26. I can honestly say I have never heard a female tell me they did not like it either, but I also have always considered it more a form of foreplay as opposed to a separate, complete sexual act.

    While were on the subject and having fond memories still of s.w.a.k. ,this brings up a curious question of etiquette I ponder how to handle . . .

    When you're down in the bush, and it smells like she should have wiped at least one more time after she "Let it splash, all nasty" . . . .what is a polite way to break the news?

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