about last night

We used to date, but now we don’t. Now I photograph him around New York and follow him about like a groupie. The boy’s got talent, and the boy’s got talent. I’m genuinely thankful for his friendship and his company. Treasure him.




  1. I've never read blogs before & to be honest while I find it creepy to be reading what feels like other peoples diaries, here I am at work in Orlando, FL looking for new postings by Stephanie Klein. I started off doing a Google search for Bungalow 8 and somehow ended up here. This was last Thursday and since then I have laughed to myself and wanted to cry reading your stuff. Friday night over drinks I found myself telling the girls to check out your site. And now on the dreaded first day of the week, I found myself excited to be at work reading your new postings. I just wanted to tell you that I'm hooked, I love your writing/pics and you're a pretty bad ass chick (that is, you're normal)!

  2. i was just wondering who takes the pics that youre in ? they always come out so perfect

  3. Michael? WTF dude? You're win the Nosiest Complete Stranger of All Time award.

    You must love subtext so much you want to marry it and have its babies.

  4. If you click the link you'll see what kind of talent the gentleman has. Or at least, the kind that it's our business to know. :)

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