turks and frogs

Dsc_2267 Is that designer Alvin Valley getting Stephen Bender in a bender? Ahem, what’s going on here boys? Sample Sales are for stores, not the Bryant Park Hotel. And this was just the middle of my night.

Earlier in the night, I’d written him off. Him was a guy who I’ve seen here and there, drinks mostly. A lot of making out. Mister Red Light. And I like him, but I don’t like how he never plays the man. The whole “let me pick you up and take you on a date” thing; the gentleman courting female thing is very important to me. It’s just the kind of woman I am. I’ve other friends who couldn’t care less and are all too happy to meet a boy at a bar, even within the first 5 times of getting to know him. I say once or twice, but after that, numbers get deleted. So, when we last spoke, he said, “let’s do something on Saturday night; we’ll start earlier cause I want to spend time with you. I like you.” I got my hair blown straight and put on seexy unmentionables. My outfit was au courant, with pearls and a broach. I was set, despite nothing firm in the way of plans.

Then I don’t hear from him until 8pm on Saturday night. I tell him since I hadn’t heard back (I even called him earlier in the day), I made other plans. Obviously, he’s just not that into me, or he’s just self-absorbed. I can live with the former. Imagine a #2 pencil crossing out a name until the page becomes a dark sheen of silver graphite. Good. I’d made plans to meet Smelly at Turks and Frogs, a wonderful Turkish wine bar with backgammon boards, where we enjoy going from time to time.

Jennifer decides to rally, so we head downtown to meet Miss Smelly. We sit, order some wine, chat it up, the usual. Then I begin to stare at the handsome man seated in the table across from me. He looks back; this goes on for a while before I realize. “Um, Jen, that’s Mister Red Light. You know, the guy we just decided I have to write off.” Jennifer suggests I call him. It was dark, and his hair was different, but it was definitely him.
“Hey there sweetie. I can see your every move.”
“Are you winning or losing at backgammon?”

He hung up the phone smiling, and walked over to hug me. It was fate; and he was one lucky man, even if he did lose a backgammon game. You can’t write that off yet. So we’ll see what happens next. Maybe Red Light will finally turn green. We have plans later this week; I made him shake on it. It was cute. And yes, he’ll probably read this and never tell me. Who cares. This is who I am, don’t like, then get your own damn #2 pencil.

Okay, view the pics from the entire night. Soup to nuts, so to speak >>



  1. What is it with men wearing hats/caps indoors? You know the hats I'm talking about-those beanie-type things recently seen on Colin Farrel/Enrique Iglesias/Justin Timberlake's noggins.

    Women, unite against men wearing hats indoors. It looks retarded, especially in a crowded, sweaty bar. Besides, it isn't very gentleman-ly.

    Can you write a post on that please?

  2. Ah well…there you have it. It's in the SIBERIA post.

    Too far away, that Siberia is.

    K, I'm going to check it out now.

  3. Cracking post about hats! Had many an argument with girls over padded bra's. You're alot shorter than I imagined, either that or you're stood next to alot of tall blokes in the photos!

  4. Nice one Stephanie. I saw that bald climax coming the moment you mentioned he had on a baseball hat. And worse yet: a BACKWARDS baseball cap.

    Feck! I think we, men, have gone down the tubes.

  5. Hey, did he ever win that backgammon game? Or did he get bumped and wasn't able to come back in again?

    It's damn important, you know.

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