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I’m exhausted. Thank god I get to atone tonight; I’m tired of eating anyway. I’ve gone out every night this week to cover the Premiere of A Dirty Shame, Sony’s Qualia private event, a Gen Art bash at The Delancy, a Celebrity Pajama Party at the Plaza, an auction at The Forbes Gallery, and to top it off, I had Fun with Wine. Many of these events were covered for Sorry I can’t put up a lot of the photos, as they no longer belong to me, now that I’m press. Say it with me. Press. Love it.



  1. What are these Fun With Wine events? Are they private parties or open to the public? How good are the wines that they provide?

  2. I just love it when people think they are really intelligent and then don't post a legit e-mail address. "uuhhh, click on the link"….I did that genius and it is just pictures of the event. I wasn't asking for pictures if you would actually read the questions I asked you would know that.

  3. Does Tom really annoy the shit out of anyone else?

    He's as transparent as my old favorite navy reverse Fleece J Crew pants that eventually disintegrated but yet I wore quite often thinking no one would notice until I noticed my balls somewhat hanging out on the subway one morning.

    Steph, do me a favor–go on a date with Tom and write about him already.

    Break his heart, please?



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