Falling In Love Again

I haven’t had a glass of wine in over a year. I think. I keep meaning to, but I never follow through. It’s not that I’m off the sauce or anything. A few mornings ago I took a shot, needing to taste leftover wine for drink-ability to use in a short rib recipe. At this point, a full glass has to be worthy. And the only wine I find thoroughly enjoyable this time of year is Pinot Noir. Either a Pinot from Willamette Valley or a Pommard from Burgundy. But it’s been a year, and I’ve found love in other juice.

MEMO PARIS MOROCCAN LEATHER ($186) I’ve tried to talk myself out of it. I keep getting samples, hoping I’ll tire of it. I haven’t. Memo’s Moroccan Leather has been on my want list for a while. It smells like leather mingled with lime, and the longevity is decent. I get whiffs of it throughout my day, and it’s a pleasant surprise the way it creeps up on me. Leather and Lime, Iris. Out of the gate, it’s a blast of clean man, a bit screechy, but it rounds the corner within 20 minutes. Makes me think of a Grecian vacation and a well tailored suit on an important day. Manicured hands, soft feet, moisturized skin. Someone clean who takes pride in his/her appearance. This is a grownup, rich scent made of vacations and expensive sheets.

Should you find yourself at a TOM FORD counter, get your hands on CHAMPACA ABSOLUTE ($173). Elegant and tailored, yet very delicate, a woman you see from afar while on vacation. She wears small gold hoops and a silk white blouse. An Hermes scarf with wisps of pastel yellow. Jeans. Flats. She’s running last minute errands before her garden dinner party. Pear-like without being juicy, Champaca Absolute is a creamier scent with a hint of natural bananas, without a lick of green or sharp. A pillow, fluffed after housekeeping has tidied and cracked the windows. You’re just back from a day in the sun, and your tan lines are beginning to show. The projection is great. That said, it smells delicate, like a walk to the resort brunch, on a cobblestone path beneath banana trees and a trellis of small yellow flowers. This, to me, is the biggest shocker: it’s gentle with amazing sillage. Dazzling for hot summer days and nights, where you want to smell like vacation. Smells like this scent could’ve been created by KEIKO MECHERI, it’s that natural and beautiful.

LA FILLE DE BERLIN by Serge Lutens ($85) It’s one I’m tempted to blind-buy, as I’ve never sampled nor smelled this rose juice, but based on the notes, I’m sold. I’m the biggest fan of rose perfume if there ever was. Top notes are rose and geranium; middle note is palmarosa; base notes are patchouli, moss and honey.

I’m writing this post mostly just for a record of loves. They don’t all need to be A+. Sometimes, you just have to start somewhere. This is my somewhere, for now. It is, after all, fast approaching the holiday season: my favorite time to fall in love.



  1. What does your tree look like this year Stephanie? And how is Phil doing?

    Good to see a new post from you :-)

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