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Spring in New York can mean salted driveways and goose-feather coats or pastel cardigans and pedicures on display. It’s the time of year where you can’t quite lug your sweaters into storage, as tempted as you are. On this first day of Spring, I’ve at least updated my perfume wardrobe with a Spring edit.

A Spring perfume edit needs to bridge the gap between snow boots and flip flops. On any given day, I need a scent that can warm me (spicy or vanilla), feed me (more gourmand, delicious, chewy) , or free me (airy, breath, liberation, summer!).

I usually associate Spring with Lily of the Valley, the scent closest to fresh-cut grass on an unseasonably warm day, where you hike up all your window sills, and dress your desk with fresh cut flowers. Oddly, this is a scent I never want to wear. I detest Lily of the Valley (and also Lily of any variety) because it smells like cold air and harsh light, and you at once want to squint and wince.

My ideal transitional perfume tray is featured below. Note: I own the full-size bottle of both Atelier Cologne travel atomizers, but to take up less real estate on my tray this month, I opt for the smaller bottles. I once only owned the travel sizes, then fell so in love with both, that I had to pony up to the big mama size.

From Left to Right: Diptyque L’Ombre Dans L’Eau, Perfumer’s Workshop Tea Rose, Les Parfums de Rosine Rose D’ete, Les Parfums de Rosine Roseberry, Mancera Paris Roses Vanille, Atelier Cologne Vanille Insensée, Bvlgari Splendida Iris D’or, Viktor & Rolf Magic Dancing Roses, Atelier Cologne Orange Sanguine, Montale Red Aoud, Creed Love In Black

L’Ombre Dans L’Eau Diptyque: If you like the Diptyque candle, Baies, you will adore this perfume. It is Bulgarian rose (my favorite) and black currant leaves. Oddly, when I smell this scent, I imagine the color of cranberries.

Tea Rose by Perfumer’s Workshop: The most affordable rose juice there is. This is a bright green tart scent that packs in a bouquet of florists’ roses.

Rose D’Ete by Les Parfums de Rosine: BeautyHabit is the only place in the USA I’ve been able to find Rosine scents. Last time I was in Japan, I brought back these two. I’d originally fallen in love with them when I lived down the street from, the now closed, Henri Bendel, then finished the bottles!

Roseberry (also by Rosine) is my all time favorite scent for summer. This is the one with the green fluid and pink tassel. It does not smell of berries. It’s summer and cleavage and short skirts and gossamer tops, white shell jewelry on tanned skin. Not a lick of coconut or sunscreen, just juicy, succulent, ripe and engorged. Too many to eat. Roseberry is the scent of abundance and coming into your own without apology. With the longing of summer days that transition into cocktails and naughty sex with a good girl. Unforgettable. I will always own a bottle. Rose and cassis. It smells like kissing and flirting, like the most desirable woman in the room.

Roses Vanille by Mancera: my favorite winter rose. Breathtakingly gorgeous rose that warms into a clingy vanilla rose. This is outstandingly creamy, lasts forever, and it projects.

Vanille Insensée by Atelier Cologne: FARINA memories amped up with a sophisticated filmy wood, like a lazy Sunday in, wearing his over-sized shirt, or in your gray sweatshirt draped over a shoulder in nubby wool socks, with your legs hanging over the edge of an oversized chair. No sweet notes. Lime vanilla wood, this is the coziest scent I own that still works in Spring and Summer! It’s amazing year round. In winter it’s creamy, in summer bright and refreshing. Gorgeous.

Splendida Iris d’Or by Bvlgari: My most pretty, polished woman, for when you need confidence. Interview fragrance. Work fragrance. Night out for dinner. Meeting his parents. Silk blouse fragrance. Beautiful all year long. When I first sniffed this update of Pour Femme, I said aloud, “There is never a need for any other perfume.” That thought maybe lasted for two days, when I mistake of all mistakes smelled Love In Black by Creed. Another must have.

Orange Sanguine by Alelier Cologne: Is amazing in winter. It’s a pick me up fragrance and actually suitable for the holidays given all the clove and pine in homes. I love wearing creamy browns and contrasting them with lavender pops of color (a scarf, say) and this scent screams to me Valencia orange orchards. This is divine year round.

Magic Dancing Roses by Viktor & Rolf: I originally just had the travel spray, but once I got a hold of this, I became obsessed, needing a full bottle because what if they ever stop making this succulent engorged cherry that makes me want to bite my own arm? This is amazing for Spring. Cherry love cocktail.

Red Aoud by Montale: You need to know that Montale is a projection and longevity beast. Ditto for Mancera. Red Aoud is a voluptuous rose with spice. Not a Summer scent. This is for cold days and nights where you want to feel like a warm little sex pot.

Love In Black by Creed: Worth it. This is my favorite violet scent, suitable for day or night. Its bursting violet and darker, deeper notes making it suitable for day and night. It’s not expressly ladylike and airy, which is why I like it! It has bite and edge, giving it a different type of violet than Bvlgari above. I like the BRIGHT JUICY (I want to bite you) quality of Love In Black.

Perfume for Spring


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