It’s a (gift) Wrap

Y’all know I’m mildly obsessed with Christmas. With the tree, the music, the baking, and the movies. I love coordinating the gift wrap with the home decor. But this year, I’m letting Abigail take over. The tree looks like shit, and while it tortures me to look at it, I know that she’s proud of her tree decorating work. I refuse to move the white ornaments she has placed in clump. Instead, I’m practicing the subtle art of not giving a fcuk. Practicing. I’ve by no means mastered it, but I’m on the job.

UPDATE: Well, that was a fail. Or, I should say, that lasted all of 45 minutes. I awoke this morning and couldn’t take it. It began with this harmless question: “What would it look like if I just moved this?” Then, “What would it look like if I removed all the fairies and skaters?” Then my artistic brain took over, and I’ve now rationalized it this way. I WILL BUY HER A TREE OF HER OWN.

So, today I will take her to a tree farm and let her pick out her own “entryway tree”–which in some circles might be translated to “entryway Christmas drug.” The gateway drug of Christmas, welcome to our happy home. Little Miss can decorate it any way she likes. COMPROMISE? That’s a skill I’m practicing, right? I’m hoping this thrills her?

What will bring me joy this holiday season (vs. temporary pleasure)? That’s my big question. As I figure upon an answer, I can tell you these two things: I’ve been binge-watching the Hallmark Holiday channels; and I’m ordering up some Topo Chico Mineral Water. I used to get my Topo ON in Texas, and I miss it terribly. It’s basically seltzer, but oh so fizzy. You can leave a bottle opened, and the next morning, it will still be poppy. Topo Chico, Original Mineral Water 12 – 12oz, Glass Bottles (Pack Of 2) I’m in LOVE!

Photos of the tree as it stands now, with and without lights. I’m naming it the BIRDS OF A FEATHER Christmas Themed Tree. And Michael Buble Christmas album is on repeat thanks to Alexa.

Michaels Dream Tree Challenge 2017

I bought the feathers at Michael’s and the golden antler tree picks are from Target. I went with black and white and green gift wrap, mostly from Target. I like the clean look of the black and white wrap with the green silky and velvet ribbons.

Michaels Dream Tree Challenge 2017. Birds of a Feather Tree.



  1. Look beautiful Stephanie… I too am binge watching Hallmark Channel. Actually I’m obsessed with it watch nothing else.

  2. Can we see a picture of the tree Abigail decorated? I LOVE yours, as I do every year :-)

    1. Author

      Turns out she didn’t even notice that I’d changed the tree! Once I pointed it out to her, I asked if she wanted her own tree to decorate for the entrance. “Nah, that’s okay. I’m good.” Off. The. Hook. (Literally and figuratively). Sometimes I overthink things! Turns out she didn’t care as much as I’d thought.

  3. That’s great! I have never been brace enough to fully surrender the tree. I ‘supervise’ will giving a long list of instructions… no tinsel… larger baubles at the bottom…CAREFUL THEY ARE PRECIOUS… lights on first… etc etc

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