I love how smart you are, how you always have an opinion, even when I don’t want you to have one.
I love the way you strike up conversations with staff, the way you ask the waiter for his name.
I love these qualities about you most: your reliability, your loyalty, your tender heart.
Not everyone does what they say they’re going to do. You always do.
It’s a thing of beauty the way you keep your word, and as such, who could ask for a better role model, in teaching our children to be responsible for what we say and do?
I love the way you grill, the way you love meat, the way you get excited by stuffed foods.
I love the way stress plays out in your life, because surprisingly, you’re an ace at handling the curves life throws.
I never thought I’d say it, but you’re graceful. Whatever is thrown at you, you teach us all how beautifully we can handle what comes.
I love how capable you are! I think one of the many reasons I was attracted to you is because of how effective you are, how sure you are—that confidence that it will get done, and that you’ll damn well take care of it. It makes me feel safe and protected.
I love that you’re my protector!
I’ve said it before, but my God, I love your arms. 
I love your laugh.
Both of them.
I love you when we play board games.
I love you as a movie partner.
I love your commentary when we watch pretty much anything.
I love you for way more than a list of 50 things we love about Phil can ever include.
I love you in ways I don’t even realize I love you.
I love when you drink.
I love when you play your guitar.
I love when you try to dance by rocking side to side.
I love how decisive you are!
I love when you say, “that’s what I do.”
I love what an involved father you are.
I love when you wear a hat in the house.
I love that you wooed me with poetry and Rhett Miller songs.
I love the way you snuggle Lucas and compliment Abigail on how beautiful she is.
I love the way you take care of all of us.
Here’s to at least 50 more years of loving all things Phil.

50th Birthday


  1. Happy Birthday, Phil! Lucky man you are, to be loved in so many ways.

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