mother’s day gifting

It’s not that I leave everything to the last minute. I don’t. But, yeah, I do.


Okay, I’m not suggesting you buy anyone some new perfume because that’s just asking for a headache (pun totally intended). But, should you not be able to help yourself whilst shopping for your mama, I suggest you try this Breakfast Perfume. And should Phil ever read this post, perhaps he too will want me to smell like “bowls of warm, pudding like cereal topped with cream ladled from the top of the milking bucket; sweet apples “borrowed” by the pixies from a nearby orchard.” Apologies that I posted the wrong perfume bottle in the image above. It’s meant to showcase Lann-Ael.

Now, let’s discuss the Pasolivo Rosemary Olive Oil. I own the citrus and rosemary flavors and am obsessed with the rosemary, not just for lamb (lavender + rosemary + pistachios)  but for baking (lemon rosemary olive oil cake)!

The bracelet. Let’s just go there. I am overly obsessed with these culinary bracelets! This idea is genius. It’s like a rabbit’s foot on your wrist, only it’s a pig, or an octopus, or artichoke. I chose the octopus because of its meaning: “It may be fearsome; it has tentacles and a beak. It looks large in our imagination but in reality is smaller than our nets. Wear the octopus to push you toward the fathoms that frighten you. Be confident that you will emerge from the wreck, not unscathed but stronger—with a good story to tell.” Perfect for me. Which delicacies bracelet do you need most? (It’s like a personality test)

I saw these ideal bookshelf art prints in the bean’s pediatrician’s office and had to ask her where she got them. She had framed childhood classics, which I also love. But of course, my eye goes straight to the cookbook art!

Ever since I walked into Face Stockholm on Amsterdam Avenue in Manhattan, circa 1993, I’ve wanted my home to smell like that store. Clean, bright, and inviting. I had to know. “What is that smell?” It was verbena. Up until now, it really hadn’t registered how the scent was transported, only that it seemed to be blowing the scent into the air. It dawned on me today that it was verbena essential oil running through a vaporizer. How has this not clicked until now?

I sense a food theme in this gift guide. What a shocking pattern.



  1. I actually won a bracelet from Delicacies in a food blog giveaway contest. They’re pretty cool! I picked ginger (and no, I am not a redhead). Octopus is an excellent choice. Love it.

  2. Damn, That perfume…now I need it. Have you smelled it? Wondering about the staying power….

    1. Author

      I know. I don’t know anywhere that sells it, other than LuckyScent (online). Torture because I feel the same way you do! Um, in other words, no I haven’t tried it, but it sounds dreamy and I want to. How could it be bad? Except, yeah, if it floats right off.

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