love the coopers

CBS Films invited me to attend a screening of LOVE THE COOPERS in theaters November 13. Please, for the love of cider, say it ain’t so. I had already made a commitment to 20 girls, to run a Girl Scout meeting! Hi, a Christmas movie with Diane Keaton, a romantic comedy, nah, not for me. All about me! Not sure you could offer me up anything better. My response to the invitation? “I am deeply bummed to be missing this! Depths of despair bummed.” November 13 can’t get here fast enough.
LOVE THE COOPERS: Starring Alan Arkin, John Goodman, Ed Helms, Diane Keaton, Jake Lacy, Anthony Mackie, Amanda Seyfried, June Squibb, Marisa Tomei & Olivia Wilde; Directed by: Jessie Nelson; Written by: Steven Rogers

While counting down the days, I will focus on enjoying the days to come. I have a Girl Scout meeting to plan for this Thursday, no plans yet, still recovering from our camping trip. After whipping Abigail over to her play rehearsal, and packing Lucas off for a weekend of camping with his grandfather (Oh, thank you so much Ted!) this Friday, I’m heading into the city to celebrate my birthday over a dinner with a few of my favorite people, my forever friends. Smelly, Dulce, Amy. Husbands. Food glorious food.

Come Saturday, I’m pulling PTA duty, working the fall festival, then packing Abigail up for a sleepover OUT, full of 7 girls. I’m deeply hoping there’s no control or power struggles, no sensitivities, just joy. I’m hoping at some point to sneak off to theaters during all of it, just to unwind and enjoy seeing BURNT.

Also, I already know where I’ll be headed on Christmas Day… perhaps with my own sister:

Now, I’ve got to start figuring out what to pack for Lucas’s Cub Scout camping weekend. He’ll pack it, but I need to go figure out what needs to be packed. I think this is why movies are so comforting, an escape from the to-do list that most often overwhelms me.



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