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I have news. Phil’s pathology results have come in. Phil, typical male, got no details for me. Instead, I received his text, “Pathology back. All is fine.” That’s it. No detail about what it was, only what it wasn’t. Still, we’re very thankful for the news about his man-lump. Thank you again for your good thoughts and wishes, and in general, for being here and offering your support through this. On Black Friday, he’s scheduled to return to the hospital, to be put under, so they can try to shock his heart out of Afib with the supercharged paddles. Sometimes, they do it, and despite the shock working, the heart wants what it wants, and it sometimes goes back into Afib only hours or minutes later, despite all that ordeal. We’re hoping that’s not the case, but sadly, that’s also what my gut is telling me is going to happen. I really hope I’m wrong.

Today, I have a class party to attend at 2pm. I have about eleven side dishes to make, flatware and folding chairs to collect from my dad, a house to vacuum, clothes to pick out, a handbag to exchange in the city, and I have to goo-gone the stickers off the bottoms of new gold-rimmed drinking glasses, more alcohol to buy for the Rum Cider with thyme syrup, conversation starters and a dessert bar banner to print, along with name scrolls for place settings. And, I have yet to shower–a longass job, as you know if you’ve seen my curls videos. Still, even though this is by no means finished, I thought I’d share a few quick snapshots of my Thanksgiving Tabletop progress because I love plaid and pheasant feathers! Without delay…

Tartan Thanksgiving Tabletop - hello, Dollar Tree, Target, and Michael's!
Tartan Thanksgiving Tabletop
Tartan Thanksgiving Tabletop
Tartan Thanksgiving Tabletop

Details to come, along with updated photos, once the table is actually set. If I have any leftover herbs after making my stuffing, I’ll add them to the tablescape. Fresh sage looks gorgeous on plates with a printed menu. The magnolia blooms were a dollar each from the Dollar Tree, as were the gold-rimmed glasses and gold beaded chargers. The tablerunner scarves were $17 each (I use three here). The Pheasant feathers and plumes are from Michael’s Arts & Crafts stores. Greens and berries were clipped from my yard, before it started snowing! White craft pumpkins, I believe, were from Michael’s too. I can’t remember, as I use them every year come Halloween. Fresh apples from the grocery store, acorns from the yard. If I find time, I’ll add cabbage roses and artichokes to the tablescape. The vase is from Tiffany’s. Candles are set to a timer. I’d use real candles, but we have 6 young children at the table. Yes, this table is set for 18 (plus a high chair)! That’s 19 people this year! Off to make the hazelnut, triple mushroom, brioche stuffing!
Cider Rum Punch with Thyme Syrup



  1. Author

    And yes, the white plates are PLASTIC because there’s about zero chance I’m touching any dishes tomorrow night, other than to grab mine and load up on seconds.

  2. Bee-Yoo-Tee-Full!!! Looks amazing. Have a joy-filled day, sweet Stephanie. Hugs all around.

  3. Gorgeous! Glad that you got good news on Phil, despite the brevity of the message. I hope all goes well for Thanksgiving and black Friday.

  4. A loud hurray that the biopsy news was good and an expressed hope that the a-fib is no longer.

    Your table looks beautiful! I’ll have to search out those plaid scarves at Target. Thanks for including the photos.

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