uganda be kidding who? when?

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There’s been a no-TV during the week rule in our home since the beans were in pre-k. No TV, no movies, no iPads or video games. I bought a brand new car and purposefully opted not to purchase TV headsets. It’s not that I’m anti-TV; I’m just pro-suffering. For one and for all, except for the adults. We’re hypocrites.

I believe that TV is passive entertainment, and that kids need to be active, not just their bodies, but their minds. There is a value to boredom and knowing how to entertain themselves. Build a fort, read a book, come up with a stand-up comedy routine. Suffer. Gather material kids, then threaten your mother that you’ll write a memoir all about her restrictive parenting skills.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, a suggestion, something not for your littles…

Chelsea Handler UGANDA BE KIDDING ME LIVEIn support of her fourth #1 Bestseller, Uganda Be Kidding Me, Chelsea Handler shares her global travel tales along with her opinions on subjects ranging from her expectations of sexual partners, to the very real problem of dolphin rape—in her uncensored one-hour stand-up comedy special entitled UGANDA BE KIDDING ME LIVE, premiering Friday, October 1oth on Netflix. On it.

SIDE NOTE: Chelsea Handler and I are published in this bitchy book together:

As pro-imagination as I am, I also believe in the magic of the movies. Of making memories. Of family game nights, a tub of popcorn and sleeping bags on the living room floor, as you come together, a safe knot. And I love when it happens in Autumn. It’s cozy, and there’s a reward in it. The beans work hard now that they’re back at school, and the weekend should be just that, an end to it. A time to unwind, snuggle, and reap some rewards (these kids work on the point system in our house, rewarded with gifts of experience). A few weekend nights this summer, we had family friends over for dinner and board games, and suddenly our personal Netflix queue had… what? A fifth family member? Yes, Lucas added his friend’s name and selected all the shows and films he thought his friend might like to watch the next time he came over. The cutest.


In all honesty, yes, there are educational apps. Of course there are educational shows, and I adore storytelling and movies and musicals! Are you kidding me, hello! Yes, yes, yes. Love! I am still on the hunt for Netflix Tutorial Shows (like watercolor classes, screenwriting classes, etc.). Then, oh, how TV is suddenly productivity!

Here’s a selection of Family-Friendly Go-to Moves:
Films to Watch with your Little Ones on Family Movie Night #StreamTeam

1. Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2
2. The Pirate Fairy
3. Hoodwinked
4. Angelina Ballerina
5. Bob the Builder
6. The Muppet Movie

Films to Watch with your Kids on Family Movie Night #StreamTeam

1. Strange Hill High
2. The Avengers
3.The Smurfs 2
4. Star Wars: The Clone Wars
5. Free Birds
6. Mako Mermaids: An H2O Adventure


Films to Watch with your Teens on Family Movie Night #StreamTeam

1. Clueless
2. The Breakfast Club
3. Friday Night Lights
4. The Vampire Diaries
5. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
6. 13 Going on 30

Nope, I wasn’t paid to share this information. Just want to give you something to look forward to, other than dessert.

As a Netflix Stream Team member, I received an Apple TV and a year’s subscription to Netflix in exchange for sharing 1 post each month about Netflix movies and TV Shows. As always, though, all opinions are my own. Also, I’ve been a Netflix subscriber since the Wasband, that’s how far back we go. Just sayin’.



  1. My ex didn’t believe in TV, and though I was raised as a TV kid, I agreed with him. I have to believe that because we didn’t have that passive babysitter for the formative years of the kids’ lives, that’s a huge reason they are all such excellent readers and brilliant people.

    I love nothing more than cuddling up in front of the fireplace in the autumn, a steaming cup of hot apple cider or glass of wine, warm snuggly blankets and a Netflix movie or two. I did it all the years with the darlings when they were home, and with my sweet lovah these days. Ah…bliss.

    1. Author

      I want cider now. Plus it’s raining. Alas, we have no fireplace where we live now. Brunch calls to us, served in iron skillets. Yum. Enjoy your day.

  2. My younger son is enthralled with the production side of the movies. He is that odd duck who lives for Disney’s Hollywood Studios, for example. He often writes, stars in, and directs the rest of us in funny little filmed skits.

    (I, thankfully, am always tasked to do makeup and be camera, leaving my husband to play any woman roles, as well as work post-production. His older brother plays any male roles that are NOT the lead, which he keeps for himself. Duh.)

    Because of the high esteem in which he holds the process, he likes to set up elaborate Movie Nights for the family. We must have popcorn, the right lighting, written invitations, funny little programs, etc. It makes it feel special, so much fun and very festive.

    Remembering your posts about your Oscar watching parties, I can’t help but think how much he’d love your movie pomp.

    1. Author

      This is delightful in so many ways. You need to set up a camera and film the whole process, so you have b-roll footage of his “early days” at work. I love this so much.

      1. It never even occurred to me to film the process, probably because he’s often rather a mini-dictator during it. I’m totally putting a second camera on my Christmas list — thank you for the awesome idea.

        The productions are exceptionally elaborate. He handdraws title screens and everything. He leaves credits to my husband because he finds those tedious and boring, however, hahaha.

        1. This is one of the best stories I’ve read in a while. Thanks for sharing this, Sallie!

  3. Sallie – Love your story about your son! Those are the kinds of stories you’ll tell in the future when your son becomes a future Speilberg! : )

  4. I like the “no tv idea”. I feel sometimes that the fammily would benefit of being forced to spend more time together. Although I would not like to make it a permanent rule :-)

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