anniversary love from our beans

“So, what should I make for Papa for our anniversary dinner?”
“Cook? You’re not supposed to cook for him. That’s his job,” Lucas tells me this morning over breakfast.
“Yeah, let him work for it,” Abigail actually says.
“So, if he cooks what am I supposed to do?” I ask as I hand them their bowls of oatmeal.
“You’re supposed to wear a dress and fancy shoes,” says Lucas.
“A white dress to keep the dream alive.” Yes, Abigail says this too. KEEP THE DREAM ALIVE. “And lipstick for red juicy lips,” she adds. “Like you’re going to meet the king and queen. Two necklaces.” We haven’t yet mastered the “more is sometimes more” lesson yet, which I kind of love about them.

Since we already have a decadent dinner planned for my birthday on Friday, Sept 27, I thought it was best to hold off until then. Tonight, we’re taking the kids with us to eat Middle Eastern food with our hands. I’ll be sure to wear lipstick and two necklaces, though!

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