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The truth is there are a lot of bronze makeup tutorials out there. Some have titles with the word Autumn, others back to school, fall bronze looks. Then you’ll see holiday glam bronze headlines. Come summer it’s “bronzed beachy.” The only thing that really changes in these tutorials is the nail lacquer and lip. Perhaps the foundation is a medium to fuller coverage in the cooler seasons, with a tinted moisturizer or BB cream in summer. Know what “holiday bronze” is? It means there’s glitter involved, sometimes false lashes, a red lip. We get it. The point is, once you learn a bronze eye, you’re covered year round.

Bronze makeup on Stephanie Klein

This photo looks a bit cheesy, as if it were taken at GlamourShots studios. My iphone photos sometimes blur this way, sorry. But I still wanted to use it because I feel pretty in this makeup, despite the comments that “older women shouldn’t wear a dark eye.” Also, check out those hair highlights. They practically define the curls when there’s no definition.

A list of products used:

Mac Cosmetics:
Cork Eyeshadow on brows
Vanilla as brow highlight
Bronze across eyelid (patted on with flat brush)
Malt in crease, as transitional color, fading up toward Vanilla highlight

Whirl Lip liner
Half ‘n Half Lipstick
Prrr lip gloss

Smoldering Liner in Brun (*Key here, smudge the liner UP) I used a pencil brush to smudge the liner. I love this liner. RUN to your drugstore and nab one up. They are awesome when you want the smolder smudge.

Cream Blush in Rude

Flash Powder as face highlight

The falsies mascara in black




  1. Amazing look. I just turned 42 and I think its fine to wear a darker eye, I somtimes feel “iffy” about shimmer or glitter at my age but this look is great on you. Question, did you blend out the Bronze eye shadow after applying with the flat brush? I find the shadows are not at shimmery after they are blended out, like Sable and Satin Taupe, though I do not have Bronze so just wondering how that blends out?

  2. Stephanie, do you think a brown pallete of eye colors can work with a dark, dark brown eye and blond (now greying) hair?

  3. omgoodness! so super pretty. thanks for posting the list of makeup credits, too

  4. 1. I love your hair – the color is beautiful on you.
    2. I’m a huge fan of the bronzy eyeshadow – and I have brown hair/eyes.
    3. Uh, you’re not an “older woman”.

    Going out to buy Voluminous Smoldering Liner tomorrow… time for a new one anyway, since my current smudgy brown liner is a nub.

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