the improper way to age: a video

Eataly Rooftop, Birreria, NYC

I have tried, and failed, to publish this video up until now. Hit publish, thought it went live. Nada. Thank you sweet readers for the gentle nudging emails wondering if I’d perhaps accidentally stapled my fingers to a wall. I am still here, quite happy lately, no thanks to any failed dieting efforts (Wheat Belly, Primal Cave Man). I’m not giving up. In truth, I’ve been stowed away at the library, trying to work without internet access. It’s the only way I truly get anything done. That said, the writing is going well… just not HERE. Sorry. So now, I offer, a video–one that ends abruptly, offering truly odd and unflattering camera angles. But I’m too busy to edit or re-shoot, and besides, who cares?

Large Format Beer

Know what is exciting though? Finally, some of my things arrive tomorrow from Texas, including my tripod and lighting equipment (which I am hoping actually works, or else I’m heading to B&H Photo… on Thursday when I begin taking the new writing class for which I’ve enrolled).

Deep thoughts By Stephanie Klein (Thumbs up on my YouTube channel)

The large format beer was “all for her” because I just can not get behind beer, despite my proclivity for the name. Phil, while at the Beer soccer game, texted me a a video of the kids. To which I replied with a simple photo:

Acme Cocktail Menu, Great Jones St. NY

Smoking Mary tastes like you just made out with a rack of saucy baby backs. Yes, that’s a good thing.



  1. Your makeup in the first picture looks gorgeous! Can you tell me what colors you used and how you did it? Maybe it’s makeup tutorial time and you can do a video for that look. Because, you know, you have so much time to do that of course.

    1. Author

      Thank you! Yes, it’s why I mentioned the tripod and lighting equipment. So I can do a proper tutorial. I promise to do one next week!

  2. Happy belated Birthday!
    You really threw me with that ’45th birthday’ comment! I’m thinking, how could she get her own age wrong, have the years really flown by that fast? no way! So I was thinking 33 but then you got to the part where you disclosed your real age 37… so yeah, you do look young. Who can ever get tired of hearing that!

  3. Ha! My next birthday I will totally be turning ’55’ and I will be ravishing for my age.

    Happy Belated Birthday, glad your ’45th’ was such a great one.

  4. I used to round my age up–but then people stopped saying, “You look great for your age,” and it got depressing. Now I just give it straight.

  5. Glad you’re alive and well, missed ya. Two weeks from today I’ll be 29 remainder 17. I’m still in the great place where when I tell people I’ve got 3 kids in college they exclaim how impossible that is – that I must have been 12 when I started. Sometimes, just to mess with them, I tell them that’s right. Being from Utah – that’s not as unheard of as it may be otherwise.

  6. I’m almost 50 and I actually look pretty amazing for my age. People are SHOCKED when I tell them, usually they think I’m around 35. But I lie about my age all the time for two reasons:

    1) Professionally, there is discrimination when you’re over 40. There shouldn’t be – technically it’s illegal – but it happens all the time. Since I work in a youth-oriented field it would be career suicide to talk about my age.

    2) Dating. I’m single and I tend to be attracted to and date men who are 10 – 15 years younger. This is never a problem unless they hear my actual age up front – then it becomes an issue.

  7. Happy birthday; I too was thrown by your new age! You are a full decade+ behind me so keep enjoying your thirties. I love your friend’s make up…so fresh and natural looking…would love to know what she uses. And her eyebrows are awesome! I recently realized I have over-plucked mine and I am in the process of growing them out…OY!

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