7 makeup products: from summer to fall

Nars Products Used

This look is ridiculously easy and takes so few products, so love it, love me. Just love here there and everywhere. Then get on it. It’s great for summer, but amazingly it’s also perfect for fall. Love that.

Products used (I’m linking them all to Sephora): After moisturizing and priming…

I skipped concealer and went for it. Foundation, foundation, foundation. Make Up For Ever: HD Foundation in Flesh (118). Here’s what I do. I buy it online, have it shipped free of charge, try it at home in my lighting, see if it’s right for my skin. If not, I walk right into a Sephora store, no problems or dirty looks, nada. Return. Because I can never tell what the right color is for me with a sales associate insisting they’ve found the perfect shade. Like bathing suits, some things are best tried in the privacy (and lighting) of your own home.

Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner in color Tiggerfish, though all of their colors are fantastic. Truly, I love these liners, as they apply soft for the smudging but then stay put, plus, hello, waterproof! I seriously roamed Sephora and tested every single gray liner in the store on the back of my hand. By far, this was the best.

Nars Eye Shadow Duo in Tzarine. That’s it! Just this one compact as far as shadows go. So simple but also dramatic. I was surprised.

Eyelash drama due to the remarkable Dior Show Mascara

Brows. It’s my go-to move. Anastasia Beauty Express for Brows. These stencils will change your face and life. Desert island question: I’d take this (and waterproof mascara and sunblock and Hugh Jackman).

The no-fail award-winning Nars blush bronze duo (Love that it’s two products in one compact!) in Orgasm and Laguna

Lip locked love. I’ve said it before. This stuff is my new addiction. Smells so delicious. I love to love this Yves Saint Laurent VOLUPTÉ SHEER CANDY in Tangy Mandarine.



  1. Goregous. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE a how-to video about how to use the curling iron to turn the tight second day curls into the big waves. My attempt was an epic, bendy fail.

  2. Thanks for the lovely must have. My new fav is kate sommerville moisturizer. I live far from sephora, I return by mail for free. I make pilgrimages to sephora to try things but only a couple times a year. Your advice is very helpful.

  3. Love, love, love Sephora! I know you’ve posted this stuff before, but when you have a second will you post again about what you use on your hair when you leave it curly? I have lots of long curly hair like yours, and I cannot find the right product concoction to make them look like yours do.

  4. I can’t remember the name (Clairsonics maybe?) of the sonic skin cleanser you have. Just remember you buying it as it was flying off the walls of a dermatologist’s office. Do you still use it and like it? I’ve been looking at the Clairsonics but haven’t pulled the trigger –

    I love the Laguna/Orgasm combo too!


    1. Author

      I am too lazy and don’t use it often enough. I just use Neutrogenia cleansing wipes and call it a night! When I break out or find random bumps, I get on the clairsonic stat, and my skin does clear up (though it might clear up on its own). I don’t know if it’s worth it. For me, it’s very hard to see results right away with anything… aside from haircare!

  5. It is probably just my monitor or the lighting in the photos but the bright lip and the dark, dark eye look a bit overdone in these pics. The brows and skin are absolutely perfect. Viewing it here, the lips look 1980s fuschia and the eye color a very dark gray-blue?

  6. Like it a lot, but the gloss/lipstick looks more pink than orangy. Maybe it’s just the light :-)

    1. Author

      On me, it DOES NOT LOOK ORANGE. For whatever reason it does apply pink, but not fushia as someone else mentioned. Sorry the photo is a bit blown out, but I promise it’s jewel like love.

  7. Love these product run downs! Making a run to Sephora tomorrow with my two girls (7 & 12)… The three of us love roaming around there.

    Question on the brow products. My brows are sparse in area s due to long-ago over plucking. I tried the Smashbox brow paste/powder, but it was too dark. How do you decide which shade? Do you blend?

    1. Author

      I do blend. The inside of your brow, the thick part that aligns with the middle of your nostril should be lighter in color than the “tail” end of the brow, which should be a touch darker. The Anastasia kit I link to offers a few colors for blending.

  8. How to you get that bright, shimmery look on the inside corners of your eyes? Is that eyeshadow? Very pretty!

  9. I’m going right out and buying those smudge sticks; an easy-apply/stay put eyeliner is worth its price. Any price. I love these tutorials and product comments. I am not a fan of Nars eye shadow; for me it applies chalky. Haven’t tried Orgasm, been using gels and Benefit’s liquid mostly, for a more natural flush. Your lip color looks more pink than tangeriney, is it the photo or true color?

  10. Lovely makeup. Enjoying a little quiet time while the niblets are at camp? Hope so. Speaking of Hugh Jackman, the rumor around here was that Hugh bought a gorgeous mansion on the St. Lawrence River where we canoe past quite regularly. But alas, I have yet to spot Hugh outside on one of the many balconies, boathouse etc. Enjoy the rest of summer in your new home, new city & probably are glad not to be in FL.

  11. How’s things?, re cosmetics, do you have any tips on how to create the cateye look with makeup? I have tried many but been totally unsuccessful unfortunately. Thank-you!

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