video: everyday makeup for a quickie (plus new eyeglasses)

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  1. I love it. I’m not naturally girly and never had anyone teach me about hair and makeup, so I appreciate the video demonstrations and the product recommendations.

  2. Thank you Thank you Thank you! I feel like you made this video just for me(is that narcissistic?)I am going shopping this weekend and buying the eye shadow! I could watch you talk all day long. MISS YOU! xoxo

  3. I think you missed your calling as a radio personality or voice-over artist. You have the loveliest voice – absolutely perfect pitch and modulation that’s so nice to listen to!

    1. I have to disagree. Her tone of voice is ok but nothing special. It’s the affectation that begins to grate on me. Trying hard to cover the Lawngisland accent.

      I find these make-up videos narcissistic since all the Stephanie sheep will tell her how great she looks to build up her already inflated ego. She does have talent in applying her make-up. She has a witchy (possible broken?) nose, thin lips, average looking brown eyes and does not possess high cheek bones or killer bone structure. I feel the red headed complexion is a definite negative. I do think that the make-up does make a big difference since without it she is about a 3 and a 6.5 after.

      I don’t get the point of the demonstration because everyone has different colouring and shape of eyes, faces, etc.

      She wants the adulation of doing these videos when she has nothing to write about. I find Stephanie so pretentious but do appreciate her writing, which is why I check in from time to time. These make-up videos are silly.

      I don’t like the glasses either. It looks cheesy to have a logo on your eyeglasses. She just wants everyone to know that they are Chanel. Tom Ford, etc frames don’t have a logo on the side. They are too thick by the nose and seem kind of matronly instead of artsy.

      I am usually traveling, so I don’t read the blog most of the time or check back. I’m sure I’ve pissed off the Stephanie worshipers, but that’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it. Peace.

      1. As someone who has been critical of some of Stephanies videos in the past I feel I need to respond to your post. There are certain subjects Stephanie writes about that I have no interest in reading, I skip those posts. When a subject that interests me pops up I read the post, pretty simple way to go through life, huh?
        You have obviously not only watched this video but the other makeup/hair videos and decided you do not like them, therefore, why continue to watch these types of videos and then write negative comments about said videos?
        I wouldn’t consider myself a Stephanie worshiper, as I said I have written some critical comments to her before but nothing that would personally attack her or her choices/life. That is just plain rude.
        I enjoy watching videos on makeup and hair application and products so I always enjoy when Stephanie posts a video like this. Her video on curly hair really helped me with my routine.
        Lastly, I hope you realize how ignorant you sounded when you said a red headed complexion is a definite negative! What would you like her to do about her natural skin/hair/eye coloring? I suppose if Stephanie thought she might have a chance with a winner like you she could get spray tans, bleach her hair and wear colored contacts just to please you but something tells me you aren’t worth the effort or exposure to chemicals. I suppose you would tell an Asian blogger that her complexion is off putting too or how about an African American blogger?

  4. First comment from a longtime reader- Stephanie, whilst you do look lovely, that make up looks like it takes a long time. All those brushes, blending, different colours. Maybe that’s where I’m going wrong though, I did take on board your tip of blending the concealer though!

  5. I’ve been following your blog for years now from Germany. I think I commented once. Was close to commenting about your mothers day expectations blog, but I did not because I am not a native speaker and was afraid that I am not able to properly express my thoghts in English. Though I really wanted to say how ridiculously over the top some comments were. Get over it – it’s just a day invented by the flower industry to make money. A marriage is made of what happens on the other 364 days in the year. Anyway, this might be an american thing. It is definitly not a European thing.
    But today I really could not stop myself from commenting:
    Honestly, using roughly 10 different brushes, 6 different eye shades and 3 different types of blush/highlighter, you call this an everyday makeup? When reading your blog entries, I sometimes wonder (as today) where you find the time for all this level of detail.
    Apart from that: very nice makeup, I might steal the wiggle thing and order the “quarry” eyeshadow.

    1. Author

      Where I find the time for this level of detail… this is my play. Some people sit in front of the TV to unwind. I play with makeup. It’s a mindless creative play, like painting for me. Drawing. Color wheels. I just enjoy it, as much as cooking and playing with recipes. Other people go to the gym or read a book to unwind. I play with colors. That’s all.

      And without all the explanation, it takes no time at all… 8 minutes probably, and I could definitely do without some of those brushes, agreed.

      1. I came to say the same thing. I work two stressful jobs, take care of the home and the yard and hardly have time for myself but the one thing I really enjoy is putting my makeup on everyday. It is my play time, my creative time. I actually relax when I do my makeup because it is stress free and fun. I have certain looks I do all the time and sometimes I change up my looks, it all depends on how I am feeling that day.
        I have invested more money in makeup brushes than I care to admit but it has made all the difference. Sometimes I am having a bad day a a complete stranger or sometimes a coworker will come up to me and compliment my makeup, it really brightens my day. It may seem trivial but a small gesture can mean the world sometimes.

  6. Hi Stephanie,
    Great job with the video, very informative. You are comfortable in front of the camera it seems. What big eyes you have!

  7. That was super interesting–so many products for such a natural look. Who knew? I like your glasses, too, they really suit you.

  8. This was lovely! I really do feel like I learned a lot and hope you do more videos. Is there any chance you could post a list of the products and colors you used?

  9. Like the makeup – HATE the glasses. They’re trying too hard to be “intellectual” and they don’t fit your face at all. Plus they look like some cheap “name brand” glasses like gucci or channel that are way overpriced. The first thing you should do in NY is go to a specialty glasses store and get some frames that fit your face!

    1. Author

      What shape would be better? I’ve spent a lifetime inside Grand Central Station optical and inside Morganthal Fredericks. I’ve researched the right shape frame for a heart shaped face, etc. Would love to hear, genuinely, what you’d suggest.

      1. those are too wide for your face. honestly, i recommend going to a boutique eye salon in NY – one that carries quality frames (like mykita, vue dc) – while I think gucci and chanel (darn spell-check keeps correcting it to channel!), they don’t make quality glasses and the stores that carry them just don’t seem to care enough (I say think as someone who has worn glasses since I was 10, not as someone in the industry). You should find a place that really works with you to choose frames – in fact, i’ve had the best luck at places that literally stare at me for 10 minutes inspecting my face, then select some frame for me to go through. I’m not familiar with NY shops, but from what i see online, it looks as though places like Anthony Aiden. luxeye optique, and petite optique are safe bets. have fun!

        1. there’s also more to take into consideration than your face type – things like where are your eyes in relation to each other and your eyebrows, what are your cheekbones like; etc. A good eyeglass store will factor all this into frames they help you select, beyond square, round, heart shaped faces. I do think that the frame someone posted below (which is longer but not as wide) would be a good place to start

          1. Author

            This is good to know. In the past, I’ve always gone to Morganthal Fredericks and spent waaaay too much money (upward of $1000), which is insanity. I’ve always enjoyed LaFont brand glasses for their fun colors. I need to find a place that will examine my eyebrows and hairline, etc. I have photos of my past glasses experience that I should post for commentary.

  10. First of all, you look BEAUTIFUL! Not your makeup (though it’s great), but you!

    Second, can you come do my makeup for me? :)

  11. Actually, I love the glasses and think they look great on you. I also have a similar-shaped face, and wore a pair much like those for the longest time. Then I went to an eyeglass place in Roslyn which had a small, but incredible selection of frames, and the service was fantastic (in case anyone lives in my area, it’s the Roslyn Eye Center on Willis Avenue). I was shown frames I never would have considered before, but which turned out to be perfect for me. Much larger than what I’d been wearing. They were also way more expensive than what I’d been wearing, but considering that I hadn’t changed frames in a while, I didn’t feel too bad about it. These are the glasses, btw: If you move to the area, I would highly recommend them; they really know their business.

  12. Thank you for this. :) At 36, I still am clueless w/makeup because I’m usually too afraid to ask…so thanks for playing the cooler “older” sister to me! Made my list of things to buy and your tips, can’t wait to try. I also love that you blend in cheaper makeup brands w/the pricier stuff.

  13. DO MORE! This was so much fun, I loved it even though we are the yin and yang of skin tones. I know it’s wrong but I was a bit gutted when I came away from my last eye check with no vision issues, seeing these I’m almost ready to do the clear lens thing.

  14. you look so pretty! and yes, please keep the makeup product and application videos coming. ps. i hope your new life in new york turns out even better than you expect it to!

  15. this honestly bored me to tears. maybe it would have been more interesting to see you actually apply the make up, do the “before and after” thing. just my two cents.

  16. Great! I definately think you should do more videos. You enjoy them and we (your fans!) learn from you. I also like the glasses. But, my big question is….. I must have missed a Blog entry bc I had no idea you were moving back to NYC! Can you talk about that sometime or tell me the date of the Blog I missed!

  17. I enjoyed watching this. I can’t imagine using/having/remembering all of those products/steps, but you look great! I’m sure it’s faster and easier when you’re used to doing it. You’re fun to watch and listen to. I could see you hosting a tv talk show or webinar series.

  18. First things first, you are really beautiful and your makeup looks fantastic. Second, I have to agree that those frames are too wide for your face – but in NY you should be able to find something that looks fantastic. And third, would you mind terribly listing the products you used on your eyes? I need that MAC eyeshadow quad!

    1. Author

      First thing’s first, thank you. Second, I’m new to this whole youtube gig, so bear with me. I’ll need to figure out how to handle this in the future, if I list all the products here on my site, or list them on the youtube site where the video lives. In the meanwhile, the list of products uses exists here, when you watch the video, there’s a SHOW MORE button that expands the video information, where it lists all the products used. Here’s a link :

  19. Hi Stephanie! I am a long time reader that never comments.. shame on me! I wanted to say I loved your video! I took some notes and will be picking up some new makeup this weekend. I also think the glasses look cute on you and they do not look cheap. They are cute and fit your face just fine. I can’t wait to see more videos! Celinda

  20. Loved the vid! Keep posting them, it is always good to have a fun creative element in clothes and make-up otherwise you end up the old lady down the street stil stuck in 1974!

  21. Holy crap, that Loreal Double Extend works! I went out and picked up some at Ulta yesterday…love it! I love watching your videos; thanks for all the neat tips.

    Question: When you do the “wiggle it” technique for the flat brush, how do you keep any extra eye shadow from falling off the brush and landing on your under eye area? I tried this yesterday with a flat brush I had, and even tapped it out before doing the technique, and still had a small “dusting” of the dark shadow fall on my under eye area, which is a pain to get off without adding dark color under your eyes….don’t want that!

    1. Author

      You can put a heavy dusting of transluscent powder beneath you eyes, then just wipe it all away when you’re done. It catches the fall out instead of your face face. Or, you can do your eyes first, then use a Neutrogena face wipe to collect any fallout. Then apply foundation, concealer, etc. I don’t experience the fallout you’ve described. What brand eyeshadow is it? Some brands are FAR MORE powdery than others in terms of eyeshadow and color payoff.

  22. Can you include Amazon links to all these items? I’m HOH and can barely hear most of your recommendations (without my family screaming turn it down) Would appreciate it!!!!

  23. Love the videos… It’s great to see how you actually apply some of it rather than trying to figure it out on my own!

  24. I love Warby Parker for glasses. They are online ( All glasses are $100! You can’t beat that. Great customer service, excellent quality and they give a pair for every pair they sell. I suggest doing their try on program (free delivery and returns) I just ordered my second pair.

  25. Starting with a bare face and then doing the makeup on the video would be more helpful.

    That being said, there’s no way I’m going to go out and buy all that stuff — especially the brushes — because I would rather have a healthy retirement account than a made-up face. :)

    1. Author

      The newer video does this. And I hear you on the cost. But I’ve found a lot of great drugstore brands, too. Including brushes.

  26. Do people really come here just to comment negatively. I mean really? Great vid- love your style! I want to see more! I greatly appreciate the mix of department/drug store brands!

  27. Do people really come here just to comment positively? I mean really? How boring and uninteresting.

  28. I watched your two makeup videos yesterday and this morning found myself spending more effort in putting on my makeup. I tried some of your tips including putting eye shadow on before liner and mascara. My mascara smudged on the shadow so I had to fix it up / restart. Any suggestions? Thanks!

    1. Author

      My only advise would be to practice putting on mascara :) And have pointed q-tips at the ready, to dip into a teensy drop of makeup remover. You catch the mistake quickly, and it’s like it never happened. Also, looking down as you apply mascara can help.

      1. After I put on mascara this morning, I blow dried it quickly so it’d dry. Practice would probably help! This morning I also used an eyelash primer. Also I didn’t know they made pointed q-tips – good to know. Thanks!

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