i hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean

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This was our yesterday. It’s one of the things I love about living in Florida. I like the idea of the beach, whether I go or not. I’ve always taken the ocean for granted, growing up in New York. But having lived in Texas this past six years, I’ve really ached for it. Don’t get me wrong, I hate the sun, cancer, all of it. But the ocean reminds me that I’m not here forever, that I’m not the only one here, that an entire ocean is out there to be lived. It somehow feels like returning. Not returning home or to the familiar, but returning to the source, to a stripped away me, the way I was meant to be. Some people feel at peace in the woods—note that in films, these characters are usually bearded fruitcakes short a nut and berry. I’ve never been a mountain goat or bird watcher, but I’ve always been drawn to the water. And to seafood.

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  1. I, too, have an affinity for the ocean, though grew up too far inland to appreciate seafood until recently.

    What is it? The hypnotic, rhythmic, thrumming continuity of the ocean’s song? All I know is that one day soon I’ll live by the ocean and experience the rising swell of life yet to be discovered, and eventually the ebbing of a life well-lived, whilst on the beach.

    I’ll be the one wearing a white cotton swishy dress, long hair flowing in the breeze…glass of white wine in hand and a purple flower tucked behind my ear (on the off-chance that my eyes will ever be classified as violet). Ah. Bliss.

  2. Beautiful pictures, Stephanie. I especially love the one of Abigail with her hair, which btw is growing out nicely! Length looks really fab right now. How does she like it?

  3. Wow! Is it still that hot over there? Enjoy the sun! Having moved to Belgium from Greece, I really miss the good weather…

  4. I agree, there is something about the beach. I somehow leave every single time feeling refreshed. (And greasy as I too have to lather myself every hour with SPF 5000) Enjoy every second of it. P.S. The kiddos are getting so big!

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