waiting for the plastic surgeon

“Wider than it should be. And it will only get wider if you leave it alone.” ‘Nough said.
To likely be told to wait some more. Meanwhile, mama’s got the ‘rhea… Update: September 22, Little Miss will be getting a “revision.” That is, the plastic surgeon will be removing the scar tissue, then stitching her up properly. I want to bitch-slap the ER doctor at Westlake Hospital in Austin who used glue, and only glue, on my sweet girl. So for the next two months, I’ll be massaging her chin with Kelo-cote (advanced formula scar gel) three times a day. Then applying SPF 50 or higher. And, so it begins.



  1. Of course you do! Stress rhea!! You can recite my mantra “This too shall pass..this too shall pass…this too shall pass”.

  2. Long-time reader, first time commenting.

    I hope everything works out with the plastic surgery.

    I just wanted to mention I had the same thing Abigail had when I was little. Both of my eyes would go outward when I would get tired. I had prism glasses as well as the patch. I had the surgery to correct both eyes when I was about 6 or 7. I have never had a problem since. I do have tiny scars on my eyes that get red when I wear my contacts but they are not noticeable to anyone except me, when I look for them.

    1. Author

      I am going to get a second opinion… but I don’t want to traumatize the sweet girl. She’s been through a lot with the whole MOVE, NEW SCHOOL, CHIN NIGHTMARE (cream 3x day). So, I’m going to make an appointment two months from now. Thanks for sharing your story.. motivated me to get the second opinion.

      1. Some good news…Bascom Palmer Eye Inst shares No.1 in US with Johns Hopkins and they have satellites up your way. Don’t know practices on kids, but you see people from all over the world getting treatment. It’s the only place to go for second opinion.

        1. I second the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute. My father had surgery there and they were fabulous. He raves about them whenever he gets the chance.

      2. Dr. Kanterman’s wife used to teach at the preschool, now she is part of the Kidsafe program that the prek children do. I’ve only heard great things about him as a doctor.

  3. Rule of thumb: when it’s the face, always always always always always go for a plastic surgeon. Always. Now you know!

  4. You need to file a formal complaint about this to that hospital in Westlake. At least he will not make this mistake again and possibly spare another mama and child this stress…it wouldn’t take long and would make a difference.

  5. Ok, you do realize that lots of moms do this all the time, by themselves, without ever having any nannies around? All day, every day for years.

  6. I’m sure to your eyes it’s glaring, but in all sincerity, it’s not bad at all. All these posts about it, I’ve been picturing just this awful, horrible wound, but seeing this picture my first thought was, “Aww, cute little miss!” No gasps, no “ooh, ick”s, just a smile at her sweet little ear.

  7. I was just in a car crash a few weeks ago (note to everyone: wear your damn seatbelt in a yellow cab; painting a car yellow doesn’t stop making it dangerous). My head smashed the plastic divider, and then my sunglasses broke into my head. I had a gash on my forehead and, after my mother sweetly told me over the phone a few hours after the crash “YOU’RE GOING TO BE SCARRED FOR LIFE!” I was freaking out. Ran to the dermatologist and it looks 10x better than I thought it was going to look at this point (the ER also only used glue on my face) and I think it’s because I’ve been SLATHERING it with Eucerin according to my dermo’s instruction – but petroleum jelly works too. And loading up on the SPF 50 too. So that’s my advice on facial scars when you get it fixed again – never let it dry, never let it get scabby – slather it with Eucerin 4 times a day!

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